January 12, 2015




Sister Kambry Miller

"Is Hydroplane Just an Arizona Word?"

HOLY MOLY IS IT FREEZING COLD IN OHIO! At least, that is what everyone tells me, BUUUUT I'm really not actually that cold. I can feel the prayers. ;)

So, we finally got hit with snow again! In OH, winter doesn't really start till January and it goes to about April! Being the designated driver has been really fun though. Basically, you learn to drive in a drift. They had a salt shortage so they absolutely do not plow the side roads, and out here, that is the majority. I've almost slid into a stop sign and a brick mailbox, but other than that I'm doing pretty good!

Sarah (our investigator on date) is kinda slipping a little bit- we think her son is anti-ing her, so keep her in your prayers!!!

Kim (our Recent Convert) is doing really really well and is preparing to do baptisms withing the next two weeks! She is so solid, she always make us talk to will (non-member husband) and her family calls her all the time to ask questions about church. She said something so funny the other day about when people ask her if we are polygamists or a cult she goes, "Have you ever been? No? THEN SHUT UP!" hahaha and she actually has done it. :) I can't wait to take her to lessons. The lord has endowed me with great joy teaching all the black Ohioans. Great joy. <3

This week Sister Miller and I have been swapping sickness. I had the flu all Christmas week, and then she got a stomach bug and was throwing up, then I got it, then I got a head cold. I swear I've had every strand that went around this winter! But, we both hate being inside so we only stayed in for one day, then we went out and infected everyone else.... don't tell on us!!! It has been a really successful week working with members and referrals, though! That is a missionaries worst nightmare, asking for referrals! We don't want the members to think we are baptism hungry and only come over to eat and annoy their neighbors. But PMG says we are to just flat out ask "Do you know of anyone who could be interested in and benefit from our message?" So we have really been praying for courage and authority and its been working! The member are so open! So family and friends: We love you, we want to eat your food and get to know you, but we do want to baptize all you neighbors. :) Its a fact that when the ward helps us find, we baptize and RETAIN more by 87%..

We have been working a lot with Less-Actives because of the snow and ice storms. No one wants to answer their door when it is -35 and the two Jehovah wittiness girls can barely move their faces to talk fast enough to get your attention.... sooo, we gave up on that after about 2 hrs. But McKenzie is a 23 year old and her son Vinnie who is five, have been doing so well. There are only a couple of people in this world you feel a really connection to, and my mission has afforded me frequent contact with them- McKenzie and Vinnie being probably, at the top of that list. I just want to cry, they are doing so well! Vinnie loves his classes, and McKenzie is commenting in church and striving to get her patriarchal blessing! We do FHE with them and she is able to bear her testimony so much! Reactivation is the most rewarding work I've ever done.

We have been working on and off for about 4 months with Teena, and she is engaged to a less active and just got over having intense chemotherapy. I've worked with a couple cancer patients on my mission- and it has been really inspiring for me! She just started coming back to church, so we are keeping our fingers crossed we can get to her fiance!

We are working with a few others, Amy, who was a prostitute, and Barbra, who scraps through garbage cans for things to sell to pay her house bill.

If there is anything I have learned this week it is that none of us are unique to Gods love. Oh my goodness, it is powerful, and it is readily available and unconditional for everyone. He is aware. He is sweet. He is real.

Dont forget to pray and enjoy the sunshine.
Sister Dowell


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