March 2, 2015




Sister EmmaLee Fox

"True doctrine, understood, changes actions and behavior." PMG Live What You Learn

This week has been quite the doosy!

So first off, total miracle! WILL HARRIS told Kim (our RC) that if she rowed 8,000 meters a week on her machine he would go to church every sunday. O: *Jaw drop* and she has!! So yesterday there was this freak snow storm (because we all know how I love them) and they CANCELED CHURCH. Excuse me? I am from Arizona, church doesn't get canceled! So I was fasting for Will and his desire to learn and I was not letting an itty bitty snow storm keep Heavenly Father from answering those prayers! So I spent my whole morning making calls and getting strings pulled and getting permission to have a small sacrament and testimony meeting at our ward mission leaders house with the Elders, and Kims whole family. The road hadn't been plowed and there was 5 inches, so we were prepared to walk the hour and a half to get to Bro Wagenmans house, but it ended up working out! Holy cow the spirit was so strong in that meeting! Kim bore her testimony for the first time! WOO! We went over and explained the atonement and sacrament to Will and he is so on board! They are now praying as a couple!

Lisa, William, and Henry had their baptism on Saturday the 28th and the spirit was so strong! Lisa asked me to speak on baptism and I had a lot of fun! The boys looked at me and just RAN over! Henry had just turned 8 a couple days before, and used to pass me "love notes" in sacrament. William used to be so shy, and now he is smiley and loud! Lisa was just in tears and looked at me and said, "you know that you played a big part in all of this? We will always remember you." TUG ON MY HEART STRINGS! Hahaha it was so filling to see the ward was completely supportive, and LOVED this family! This family I had the blessing of being lead to introduce to the church! God is so good! Really, missionary work has done more for me than anyone else, haha unfortunately! I need my mission.

So, I guess I turned 20 this week? That's weird. I fell like I'm 100 years old! But I'm really like 5. My birthday was fun! We were out walking and got wind burns though... So in OH the temperature decreases with the wind, and it was like -cabillion degrees and was whipping us all over the place. I got windburn, which is close to frostbite, on both of my hands. My jacket is pretty stretched out and the wind got inside on my wrists and up my thumb and index finger. Sister Fox got it on the back of her legs. I was wearing long john garments so I missed out on that one (the church is true)! We were in so much pain! Your skin turns rubbery and burns but is number to the touch! A couple of prayers, some Vaseline, and 8 layers of gloves/leggings over night worked it all out! That was my birthday present from Ohio!

Anyways, enjoy the sun!
Sister Dowell


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