January 26, 2015




Sister Kambry Miller

"There are 3 things in this world that make me happy: Church, Sister Dowell & Cheesecake."- McKenzie Grate

Hey family and friends!!
This week has been really good! I'm staying with Sister Miller in Beavercreek!! WOOT WOOT! I get to kill her off. (on a mission you are 'born' in and area and 'die' in an area!) SO there continues my legacy of killing all my companions. I think they are doing an LDS addition of my serial killing on dateline. Look out for my picture on billboards near you.

Not much to report, but I have seen a ton of miracles this week! We made a lot of really great contacts with Former investigators, so our teaching pool is filling up pretty quick. We got a referral from our ward mission leader for his neighbors Dwight and Ann. We went over and they invited us right in! They started talking about the OSU game (via necessity, I can keep up) and they invited us back for dinner! Dwight is some big wig retired lawyer for the air force (wet get lots of AF here because Wright Patterson air force base is about 20 minutes from our apartment) who has done some real big trials involving terrorists and Ann is the sweet lady, who has MS. Ann is a super southern bell, and they are loaded, so we had like, the fanciest dinner of my life. Thanks heavens for the spirit because I didn't know where to place which foods, and what silverware to eat it with! Hahaha Dwight is a really great cook, and kept offering us more food! I've learned on my mission to eat really slow and involve myself in the conversation, so by the time I'm done eating, the evening has kind of ended and we move on to sharing a short message with the families. But, Sister Miller, in her 17 month prime, is still learning! I swear, she kept accepting food, after ontre' after, pile of potatoes! She was viably stuffed! I was trying to hard not to laugh. We shared with them Elder Bednars talk "Come and See" and it was really great! They love the church! So keep them in your prayers!

There is my fun story for the week! I love you, and I miss you!

Sister Dowell


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