February 2, 2015




Sister Kambry Miller

"I WILL fart on your pillow and give you pink eye." -Sister Miller

Well, it happened folks! I've reached the half way mark! It's all down hill and really depressing from here! I figured since I've been out 9 months, I would do something a little bit different for my weekly email!

9 things Sister Dowell has learned (probably the hard way)

1.) This is the hardest thing I have ever, ever, loved to do. I learned really fast out on my mission that no one, can adequately prepare you for the intense blessing a mission is. When you are given the opportunity to teach, serve, act, be acted upon, learn, cry, and have the best day of your life (until tomorrow), You learn a couple things. Most of them being about how much faith and trust God has in your ability to change and to increase as a his daughter.

2.) Don't start a trend that involves the words "skirt" and "bike". Sisters everywhere will curse your name.

3.) God knows what He is doing. When we get frustrated with life, most of it is because we forget the divine relationship we have with our Heavenly Father, and that relationships are built on trust. Every single Christ-Like attribute requires us to give some form of Trust to God. How silly is that? We put Him on a short leash? It's been a humbling lesson to learn, but I will forever be grateful for it.

4.) Marrying a Return Missionary is a Must. I don't really think I need to expand on this one...

5.) REVELATION REVELATION REVELATION The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is built upon revelation. Not different culty brain wash voices in someones brain, but tangible, eternal, and kingdom building revelation from the Savior. When I learned how to key into the spirit, to understand the big universal purpose of why God cares, I understood the necessity for a restoration. To restore teachings, and re-administer to the world, the truths of God. That we are important. And we are his greatest creation. I think He probably cares about us a little bit. :)

6.) Ohio? I never questioned my mission call. Very truly I knew that I was supposed to be here. But If there is anything I have learned from this little state with traffic from all over the world, is that Members of the Church are incredible. Everywhere. From here to Russia, back home to Arizona, really, the people I have met, had some of the greatest impact on my mission. I am so thankful for faithful Latter Day Saints who teach and serve the missionaries! We need you!

7.) Only One Person Was Perfect. You can't possibly fall short when you are doing everything you can. You'll have a wait a lot longer for perfection if you think about it all the time. We can only be perfect in trying.

8.) The Book Of Mormon is the Word of God. How could a book give me so much purpose, and answer the questions of my soul? "Will you not now return unto me and be converted, that I may heal you?" The Book Of Mormon testifies of The bible completely, and with the spirit of God. The bible testifies of the Book Of Mormon because God is the Same, yesterday today and forever. Someone once said that "evidence never proved anything spiritual." I would wonder what kind of evidence they are looking for. It is painted on my heart. This church is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet and through the Priesthood authority from God, he translated this ancient record of civilization and nations of people.

9.) I have a lot more learning to do! Buckle up- I'm no where near done yet!

Sister Dowell


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