February 9, 2015




Sister Kambry Miller

"How could I forget YOU?" - Lisa

Holy mother of all miracle weeks.

This week has been stuffed full of miracles and testimony builders, not all I feel impressed to share, but some are too good to be true.

First off, this week we had a training about utilizing our purpose and talking with everyone! I have really taken it to heart and made some pretty funny memories! Sister Miller literally got so nervous sick before contacting that she almost threw up! Hahaha I was laughing so hard! Man, I love this Sister! Anyways, after we got kicked out of the library for soliciting (awkward looks email right now) we were kind of discouraged. So we went to Firehouse subs for lunch with the Xenia Sisters, Sister Olgletree and Sister Gale. The way that we were sitting, the man behind us was directly across from me. I looked over at him and the second I did, I had this huge lump stuff my throat and I just felt like crying! I can't explain it but my heart literally broke at once glance from this man. He was dressed well and his sandwich wasn't oversized, but I just had a feeling that his life was sad, and I made a big promise I would find him. Before I could put all this together I heard the words "I'm going to talk to that man before we leave" just pour out of my mouth. The other Sisters didn't think much about it, but the longer I waited, the more water started falling out of my face! Seriously, I don't know what was up with me! So I walked up to him and asked if I could give him a card. As I sat and spoke with him, I asked him about his faith. He said he was just telling his wife how they were rich, and had a big home, great family, good jobs, and everything else they could want, bu that he still felt something was missing in his life. I spoke with him about the Book Of Mormon- God church restored so that we never felt lost or that anything was missing. The spirit was so strong and he wanted to meet with us. He lives in Dixie, Ohio, so I referred him to other missionaries but he was so solid!

Lilly is a niece of one of the members, who isn't a member of the church and is 10 years old. She has attended primary since she was 5 and loves it! I don't know how she flew under our radar but we found her randomly! Her mom isn't a member and that has been hard for her, but we waited outside of Primary to talk with her. everyone was passing through the hallways so we both couldn't fit to talk to her, but Sister Miller motioned for my too. I knelt down and this is how our conversation went.
"Lilly, do you know what missionaries do?"
"YES- they teach people about, about Jesus and the Book of Mormon!"
"Exactly. We love to teach people. Do you know what people do after they learn about Jesus and the Book Of Mormon?"
"They get happy." She said it so quick!
"Yes, they do. And when they get happy they want to be baptized. Is that something that you want?"
With big brown eyes, that reminded me exactly of my savior, filled with tears, she nodded her head yes.
We spoke for a moment about how she didn't think her mom understood but we set up a day for us to go to lunch and get to know her more! It was a really big testimony builder to me that the spirit can work on everyone, and this gospel touches the hearts of every size, color, and age.

My biggest miracle this week was Lisa. There was a time on my mission that I had a companion who just would not work. She was kind of disobedient and was going through a lot spiritually. For 6 weeks I watched as all of our investigators disappear, literally ever door stayed shut, and the sun took a vacation while it rained every day. We would just walk for 9 hours, every day for 5 weeks. Weeks with every bad thing that could go wrong happening. I remember being so, confused, at what God wanted from me. Nothing was happening. After my first convert was baptized, we started teaching her nurse who had seen the medical miracle she had become. We taught her about 6 or 7 lessons, and extended baptism to her. She full heartedly agreed but stated that her biggest fear was that she knew her sons would have to go on missions and that was really hard for her. She lived in Dublin, which was about 20 minutes from our area in Hilliard. She was so attached to the ward and we worked really hard to get her two boys (William 11 and Henry 7) to church! And we did! But we eventually handed them over to the Dublin missionaries at the beginning of this particular time of my mission. How crazy I felt calling those sisters and asking if they wanted to teach our investigator who wanted to get baptized! DUH! I never heard from either of them for about 5 months- But ALWAYS remembered to pray for that family. Well last night, I found out they are ALL GETTING BAPTIZED ON HENRY'S BIRTHDAY (2/28). I was speechless, and quite frankly pretty overcome with emotion! I got permission from President Daines to call her this morning after wondering if she even would remember me. The second I told her who I was she flipped out! She said, 'Our ray on sunshine! Sister Dowell! We love you! You have such a light when you walk into rooms, we loved sitting with you in church! My boys say they would never have come to church if they couldn't have sat next to "the pretty missionary". Now come, how could I ever forget YOU?" In one of the most useless trudgery times of my mission ( I felt) I prepared a family to be baptized. Both boys of which love to sing "I hope they call me on a mission."

This week has been such a sweet reminder to me that God is there saying, "How could I forget you?" And I wouldn't have time to write them down!

Sister Dowell


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