January 21, 2015




Sister Kambry Miller

"Sister- I never thought I would have a black, white companion." -Sister Miller


This week has been a doozy! Transfers are tomorrow so P-Day was on Wednesday for us! We haven't gotten calls but I'm pretty sure we are staying together since this next transfer is Sister Millers last one, and we've only been together for 6 weeks! With my track record, I will probably be here for 6 months, and I've only been here for 3!! WOOO!! Will keep you posted. :)

Next week I've been out 9 months! HOLY HANNAH. Half way? When I think about it, I feel like I should be out 100 years, but I'll keep 9 months. #trunky I'll repent.

So Sarah kept dodging us until one day Sister Miller and I decided to fast for her. We planned to stop by randomly and feel her out, so we were really praying all day. We went over and she said "I have nothing against yous and yours religion, I'm just not interested." BULL-HONKY! We were super deflated. Keep her in your prayers, we are going to try again soon!

Kim is doing SO GREAT! She is going to the Temple this weekend and doing 4 names! WOO HOO! It was her daughter Mikalea's 5th b-day so we were invited over for dinner! It was our first final sit down with her Husband Will! Lets just say we were there for 2 hours answering questions. Boo. ya. We are really working with him!

We have FHE with McKenzie and Vinnie tonight and we are focusing on the spirit. They have been reading the cartoon BOM and praying every night so we are starting to work on getting answers! We are going to dress Vinnie up with a beard like Elijah the prophet and chase him around with different storms, and earthquakes, and fire, and then teach him about how Elijah finds God not in all of those, but in a still small voice! Basically, I spent all personal study prepping and I'm super stoked. :D

We found a new investigator this week tracting, Keith, whose friend is taking the missionary discussions in Tennessee! So our first lesson, we taught him and his brother, and his friend over skype! Crazy! Technology- who would have thought!

We have done a bunch of odd ball stuff this week. An RM whose been home for like a month got married last week to his RM girlfriend whose been home a week... and they had both sets of missionaries fully involved in the wedding.... AWKWARD! Hahaha We just did prep and set up, but the family was supposed to eat dinner with the Elders, so just made them stay for the reception! I felt pretty bad for them!

We also moved apartments this week because our old one had bugs and black mold, so that was fun! Our neighbor has read the whole Book Of Mormon, SURPRISE. So we are jumping on that soon!

This week has been really fun. I love Sister Miller! We just laugh and have fun like, basically all the time. I'm grateful for the friends I've made on my mission! Someone asks us last night at our dinner appointment what our favorite parts of serving where. I really do love all the change I see in others, but more than anything- I will be eternally grateful for the change I've found in myself. The Lord has taught me so many things... and every one of them I have such a strong testimony I would not and could not have comprehended in this way, if I didn't do this. I've heard the Lord described recently as "sweet", and "faithful". I so testify that in all his glory and power and understanding, he is completely faithful through our struggles, and most importantly, incredibly tender in his mercy to make us better. My Father in Heaven has brought me to a place where I find joy in my life, and peace in my unwavering faith that this Church is true. With all my heart, and with the energy of my entire being, I know this is true. I read a story the other day that has encompassed my whole mission experience so far...

There were two buckets sitting on a well one day having a conversation about life. "Everyday," one says to the other, "I go up and down up and down up and down. But no matter how many times I come up full, I always go down empty." "Well," The other replies. "I do the same thing. Every day I come up and I go down. But no matter how many times I go down empty, I always, come up full."

God knows what He's doing.
Sister Dowell


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