February 25, 2019


Lincolnton, North Carolina


Sister Brynlee Morrison

Every day is a holiday??

Hello from North Carolina!!

Colton is doing AWESOME.  I have never taught someone who is more open-minded, curious, or faithful in church attendance than him.  He truly is a tender mercy.  A ward missionary was able to join us for another great lesson yesterday and he brought up baptism on his own again.  We are planning on asking him how he feels about being baptized on March 30th.  Prayers would be MUCH appreciated 🙏

Judy has been super sick and busy (usually cleaning her turtle tanks and running errands haha) so she is taking it easy right now.  Last week we had a lesson with her and she really got to thinking about the plan of salvation.  Two sentences into reading the pamphlet with her she stopped us and said, "It's crazy how this relates exactly to what I have been thinking about. I know I am here to learn and grow."
Judy is the perfect example of recognizing the Light of Christ inside her.  She is planning on coming to church when she is back on her feet again.  Fingers crossed it is soon!🤞
We have had to stop teaching a few people either because they haven't been responding or aren't keeping commitments.  Now I know how Heavenly Father feels when we don't pray or do the things He asks.  Sad, but there is always hope through Christ!
Fun facts: 
1. Finding has become my new favorite thing (even in the rain)!  I could honestly knock on doors upon doors and talk to strangers alllll day.  Doesn't mean they all answer their doors or don't give us weird looks, BUT there is something about sharing the best message ever with people just like us!! 2. Looks like we get to call home on holidays now.. my brother was reading off all the fun holidays and looks like there is one just about every day.  But I'm just going to stick to the major ones haha.
*PSA: February 28 = PUBLIC SLEEPING DAY* (missionaries excluded)

Quote of the week: "Fasting is the best spice... it makes everything taste better."  So true!! -Sister Morrison

We had new missionary training meeting and it was the smallest group yet, only 6 companionships.  We learned a lot about being "equally yoked together" which goes along with one of my favorite scriptures found in Matthew 11: 28-30.  If you need rest, read and apply this one ;)  Really though, I know that when we align our will and actions with those of our Savior, that He will lighten our loads.  He will take our burdens and the bricks in our backpack and make them seem as though they never existed.  Sometimes they will still be there, but will be tremendously lighter.  I have experienced it time and time again.  Let Jesus Christ in.  He wants to help pull your load.  He knows the responsibilities we have and honestly is the only One who has been there before.  It takes the right timing and a lot of patience.  But why make ourselves work harder when we don't have to?  I have gained a sure testimony of the importance of humility.  If we turn to Christ and lay all we are going through at His feet, He will lift us up, making us stronger and able to go further than we could on our own. Just trust Him! ❤

1. Calling home is the best thing ever!!
2. Sister Bowers and I hitting our 1 year a little bit ago.
3. Exchanges w/ our STLs.
4. Feels like WA with all the rain we've been getting!
5. When the stake center floods :(
6. Had to take a cute pic in the ghetto laundromat bathroom (our washer broke).
7. Just a little late Valentine's

Love ya'll forever,  Sister Smart


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