October 15, 2018


Lincolnton, North Carolina


Sister Callin Preator


Howdy y'all! I've been in the south too long haha. It's been the best experience I've probably ever had though. 
This week was super awesome. We were finally able to get out and go to work. It's been so nice to talk to people and enjoy the sunshine. It's finally starting to get more chilly, which I'm fine with since I love fall! 
Miracle: After being cooped up inside for 2 weeks, we were able to get out! Our mission president extended a challenge to all the missionaries to talk to 10+ people a day.  We were keeping a tally and it felt great to reach out to those around us.  Goals really help push people!  On Thursday, we went to see if a former was home, but no answer, so we knocked the next 2 neighboring doors and not much luck there either.  We walked down the steps towards our car, but I said "Sister, let's try one more!"  So we turned around and knocked on the door.  The sweetest older woman came out and acted like we were her granddaughters haha.  Poor thing has dementia.  But a few minutes into the conversation, her actual granddaughter, Summer, pulled up from work.  She is super bubbly and kind!  We talked and they thanked us over and over for taking time to stop by.  As we were walking away, we just looked at each other.  Sister Preator said, "I got the same feeling to turn around." That is the Spirit working right there! Summer and her grandma told us to come by anytime and I'll let you know in the future how interested they are in the gospel.
I learned an important lesson that day:  LIVE WITH NO REGRETS!  It's better to take a chance and miss than to not take the chance and wish you would have.  Even more, when taking that chance turns out the way you were hoping.  Keep taking shots people!  Especially my brothers who will be starting basketball soon- they're gonna do so good! 
The next day, we were taking our trash out and saw this lady (Julia) who was struggling to get her bag into the dumpster (she was the only person we were able to talk to that day, btw).  We offered to help, talked for a few minutes, and gave her a picture of Jesus Christ.  We told her where our church is located and she thanked us.  Well, when we stopped by to visit her, she welcomed us right in!!  We had an amazing conversation about families and service.  Great thing is, she has been talking to her friend about us and they want to attend church this Sunday!  
Sorry for so much writing, those experiences were just a breath of fresh air and I am pumped to be out working again! I have a huge testimony that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to succeed.  They want YOU personally to win your battles.  They want YOU to be happy!  It's all possible.  You just gotta have faith and do your part.  He is always ready to bless us and His timing is perfect. 

<b>J</b>esus Christ<b>O</b>thers<b>Y</b>ourself 
     》we will find <b>JOY</b> when we put Jesus Christ and Others before ourselves.  

I pray and hope each and every one of you is finding "joy in the journey!" Thanks for all you do to make me happy! 

❤Sister Smart
Pics: 1. Demon tortuga?  2. Found a little friend.  3. Hanging out in the hospital.. all better now! 4. My street :) 


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