September 3, 2018


Charlotte, North Carolina


Sister Mariah Soren

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Hello hello!  It's me again. Just wanted to update y'all and let you know of some gems that have happened this week :)
First, happy 18th birthday to my brother Austin!! He just started his senior year and is probably the most smart, funny, hard-working teenager (and tallest in our family as my twin Drew says) haha.
I will be out 7 months on the 7th!! I am loving every minute as a missionary, and trying to make the most out of every minute. Time is precious to God so we need to use it well! 
Here is a scripture I found this week that is my new go to:<b>"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"</b>{Genesis 18:14}      We can all apply that to our lives. Jesus Christ is all powerful. If we think about what He did while on Earth, it might seem too amazing, but nothing is impossible when we have the Lord's help. I know He will help us when we turn to Him and do all we can to take His hand. 
Miracle of the week: Sister Soren and I went to go visit a former on Thursday who wasn't too interested in meeting with missionaries in the past, as of a couple months ago.  She let us inside and we were talking for a few minutes and then guess what!?  Her brother walked up to us and grabbed our hands and asked if we could pray for him.  So right then and there we taught him how to pray.  He was listening so intently.  We gave him a set of scriptures and taught him the whole Restoration.  He has made many mistakes in life and wants to turn his life around. After our lesson the next day, he took a bus and bought new church clothes so he could come to church.  We told him he could come as he is, but he said "If I am going to do this, I am going to be all in. 100% committed."  So amazing!! Please pray that Otheo's heart will continue to be softened and that we can teach him what he needs to know.

People always ask if I get tired of "SMART" jokes haha. They happen at least once every day, but there is no last name I'd rather have. Speaking of names, I am very grateful I get the chance to represent Jesus Christ every day.  Names hold a special meaning and we should ask ourselves who do we represent? 
GOALS are motivation for success. How will we get where we want to go without setting goals? I have always had goals, but have honestly never been the best at accomplishing them.  It can be pretty discouraging.  I have learned from others that we cannot expect to reach all of our goals if we are trying to work on a million at once.  We need to narrow it down and focus on a few at a time.  I like to pick 1-2 goals (spiritual, physical, overall) at the start of every month.  Then I keep a little calendar and write down how well I do.  After 3 weeks, doing something consistetly usually turns into a habit.  So the next month I pick 1-2 more goals and it seems to work pretty well.  In church, our teacher talked about SMART GOALS.  Here's a good guideline we can follow:
Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time

Your prayers and support are so so helpful.  Thank you all for everything you do❤
Lotsa love, Sister Smart

Pictures:1. Cute girls who wouldn't stop hugging us! 2. 🌻 3. Are we twins or what?


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