January 21, 2019




Laura Di Lulio

"Qual è il tuo problema mentale?" round 2 and extended

Well my friends, it's been quite the week. Wednesday morning we got a call from President Vest saying that a companionship of Sisters were really struggling and he felt like he needed to split Sister Downs and I up to help. Sooo we are both still Sister Training Leaders except we aren't companions anymore (nobody knows how that is going to work but all is well). We decided I needed to go to Oneida, so I had less than a day to pack and have a few final lessons with people in New Hartford. That was probably the hardest night of my life. Saying goodbye to the Sheldon's right after having a beautiful experience with them in which the mom said she has prayed and studied the scriptures and knows that the Book of Mormon is from God. And saying goodbye to Brother Thrasher who I was able to teach before and after he was baptized...that was so hard. But it was a tender night and I am grateful I got to experience it.

So I am now in Oneida, NY which is a lot smaller than Utica and since I've never been transferred to an area where we have lots of people to teach, of course that trend has continued and we get to build it up now :). Aha it wouldn't be too bad except there was a HUGE snow storm and the temperature is in the negatives. New area + small teaching pool = walking around to street contact and knocking doors for hours. I can't feel my face half the time.

My new companion is Sister Di Iulio who is 36 yrs old and from Italy!!! She is super woman I'm pretty sure. No nonsense and doesn't feel the cold. Aha I'm learning a lot. She's hilarious. When we can understand each other. :)

Ok so it's actually been a pretty rough week aha but I was way too comfortable in New Hartford and I know this was supposed to happen. We've received a lot of training on planning in our mission lately, so now I just get to implement that more! Woot woot!

I have been studying a lot about faith. Through a process of great meetings/council's from the mission and my own studies, I've learned so much! I was pondering about Mathew 7:7 7 which is the classic, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" As well as Alma chapter 31 which includes Alma's prayer of faith.

It occured to me that since faith is a gift from God (Bible Dictionary under Faith), we need to ask Heavenly Father for it, and I very rarely do that!!! It's so obvious, but the Spirit has taught me a lot about the importance of prayer lately. To increase our faith we have to ASK for it through prayer, SEEK it through studying about it, and KNOCK by going to work to apply it. In my case as a missionary...literally knocking.

We have seen miracles. Oneida has been a "struggling area" for a while, but as we have had faith and gone out to apply it, we have met families who were obviously put in our path. So as hard as it has been to be here, I'm excited to see what happens!

Love you all, have a great week!

1. Me every night after walking around for hours (heater vent)
2. Proof
3. We live in a castle basically. (our apt)
4. I get this look a lot
5. Bye Utica!


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