January 7, 2019


New Hartford


Samantha Downs

NYUM No More

Hey guys!!!! I'm in this denial phase currently where it is still 2018 and this transfer has 7 weeks left no matter how many weeks actually pass. That way no time passes and I can't worry about anything except the people here. It's worked quite well.

The "everyday life" sort of things as a missionary amaze me. Like sometimes we have to tract in the rain for an hour and get soaked just to knock on an older woman's door who tells us she is glad she opened the door because her husband is sick and she feels us coming was a sign from God that He knows her. We didn't even get to teach her the Gospel (we tried). But it blew my mind that God cared enough about her that He somehow sent us there to just remind her He loves her. I don't know how this all works, but I know God loves His children.

I love this area because 1. I have to or else I would go crazy and 2. We can be in rough neighborhood in one part and then drive 30 mintues and we're out in the boonies. Cute villages, somewhat sketchy city, annnd the middle of nowhere.

Another day we were out and I kept feeling like we needed to be somewhere else for someone but I didn't know who. We eventually decided to try someone we had met on the street earlier, but when we got to the address, it was an apt complex inside a house and the main entrance was locked. There would have been no way to find her....except right exactly as we were walking over, a car pulled up and she got out. She let us in and we got to teach her about the Book of Mormon. THAT kind of stuff is NOT a coincidence. :)

The other night we got a bunch of calls from our leaders saying in a few minutes there will be a mission wide phone call (terrifying aha). So we all got on and found out that the New York Utica Mission will be combining with the Rochester Mission in July!!!!!
Don't ask me how ticked I am that I won't be here for it aha.

We had zone conference and Sister Downs and I did a training which actually went well for the first time since I've "gotten" to do those aha, I absolutely love when President Vest does his trainings because he follows the Spirit and it's almost visible how fired up and consecrated to the Lord and His will he is. My testimony of the Priesthood authority on the Earth has grown a lot since coming on a mission. I know that it is very real and that it is God's power exercised by worthy servants of His.

Sometimes the Spirit of missionary work just gets me and I love every moment of the work. We get to talk to so many people and bear testimony to them of the Restored gospel and our Savior. Even if they aren't interested we get to testify. I LOVE how many chances we get to do that. This gospel is Jesus Christ's. It is real and there are people all around us (yes even in Utah) who need to know it! And we can all know it better. I love the "Come Follow Me" program and I have already learned a lot from the Spirit as I have studied the way the Savior taught.

Ahhhh I'm just going to end this email here.

Love you all!!!!

1. 2019 just means less NY for us
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