December 31, 2018


New Hartford


Samantha Downs

"The Lord never commanded me to dance, yet I have danced"

Hey guys!!!! Our last week of December has been swell. Happy New Year, except I'm just glad the holidays are over soon so people can stop telling us to "come back after the holidays" aha. (Don't worry I still can imagine being a normal person so I don't really blame them).

Christmas Eve we made little treat bags with Light the World cards and went into gas stations to give them to people who had to work! It was really fun! Christmas was great since we got to help wheel elderly people to their activity in the morning, eat with a member family, and skype home!!!! (Which was actually super weird but good :)).

This winter has actually been pretty mild, the negative temperatures of last year probably just haven't hit yet, but we'll have a random couple days where it is rainy, warmish, and super humid. As long as the New Yorkers don't mind me looking like Hagrid from HP, I love the weather!

This week was pretty normal. Except for when we got temporarily locked in a Catholic church during mass...We've met some cool people, had Spirit filled lessons, laughed a ton (Sister Downs is cracking me up over here), and my only complaint is that I'm having to get more creative with finding places to tract that I haven't already. So life is good!!!

I hope you all have a great 2019 and have fun making goals to go to the gym. I'll be over here doing like 5 sit ups in the morning and running in place so I don't wake up our downstairs neighbors :).

My subject line comes from a great quote I stumbled upon by President Brigham Young (which has been cracking me up)

"Yet the Lord permits a great many things that he never commands. … The Lord never commanded me to dance, yet I have danced"

"But let our minds sing for joy, and let life diffuse itself into every avenue of the body"

Sometimes we just get too serious about life and we forget that Heavenly Father wants us to have joy. (Not happiness from the world, but lasting joy from learning and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ). I know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants the best for each of His children.

"Our Heavenly Father did not put us on earth to fail but to succeed gloriously." -Elder Richard G. Scott

Love you all!

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