August 27, 2018


New Hartford


Sierra Boulton

Bee Induced Asthma

Heyyyy guys! Ok first of all, I don't even know if it's medically possible, but I'm pretty sure a bee gave me asthma ahaha. So last Monday, Sister White, Sister Hunt, and I were driving back from picking Sister Hunt up cause some transfers were early. (So we got to be in a trio for 1.5 days woot woot!) And as we're driving down a busy road, something flies through the window and lands in my hair. And yeah it was a LITERAL BEE clinging to the ends which then fell into my lap. So we all start screamingggg and I go into survival mode and Sister White is trying to direct me into a parking lot so I don't DIEEE and I almost hit a motorcyclist but eventually got into the right entrance of a gas station and promptly swan dived out of the car (lol ok I just got out quickly), did a weird dance to get him off, and got in the car. Except then I couldn't breathe and I was actually hyperventilating and I'm pretty sure I have asthma now cause I haven't been able to breathe right since but it's fine I'm fine ahaha.

On Wednesday Sister White left me and was banished to the North country aka Massina (right by the Canadian border). I miss her tooons, but Sister Boulton is my new comp and she is awweesommee :). She is definitely quieter than me, but it's been cool to see how the Spirit she has is already affecting the people we teach. Rob is killin it as always and I'm pretty sure he does more missionary work than we do and he isn't even a member yet aha. ALSOOOO the Sheldon family came to church!!! I was so stoked. They were all gonna come except Tim (the dad) cause he said he had to work, but Rocelee has tons of faith and said she would come with the kids even if he won't come, but that she knows God will provide a way for them if he gets work off to come. ANNND I guess Nikki (the insanely sassy 5 yr old who is my homie aha) protested going to sleep until Tim agreed to come ahahaa. Go Nikkiiii! I wish I could describe how happy it made me to see them walk into church. Ahhh I love this guys.

So these classic New Yorker ladies (crazy and hilarious), invited us to their church on Saturday cause they are Messianic Jews! That means they are Jews who believe in Jesus Christ. Cool huh! So we went and ohhhhh man. It was quite the experience. Their rabbi was singing and there was a whole band up there. And then ya have the whole congregation adding their own harmonies and belting with their hands up in the air and all ya hear is a million "hallelujah's" ahaha. It was awesome. Until the rabbi starting throwing shade at Mormons. That was a little awkward. I just stared him down and made sure everyone could see my tag aha.

We've met some cool new people tracting and street contacting this week too. There was a specific time that my companion started with a door approach and the woman declined hearing a message, but I felt like we should keep talking to her, and I am pretty sure the words to say were given to me through the Spirit, because somehow she opened up and she took a copy of the Book of Mormon. It's been so amazing to see how the Holy Ghost works in my life, and let me tell ya, it's usually pretty subtle and if I'm not looking for it I miss it. But I know the Holy Ghost guides me as I try my best.

I've been thinking about the power of hope lately. It's easy for me to shut off hope because of the fear of being naive or being disappointed. So it's something I have had in the back of my head to start improving on. I have started to see blessings as I allow myself to hope and have faith that God knows what He is doing and that as long as we do our part, Heavenly Father will give us opportunities and help our lives become something beautiful. Even though it takes a lot of time, I'm grateful for the things I get to do and say that slowly help me to improve through Jesus Christ and His grace. I also know that Heavenly Father's plan is one of eventual happiness and glory, but that pain and heart ache while we are on Earth has an equal part in that plan. I know that those things can slowly be swallowed up in our Savior though. Try to remember that :) I love you all!

1. Blurry trio life with Daisy and her watermelon
2. The sick knife a member made me (it's made out of real colored pencils!¡!)
3. The Sheldon's ahhhhh
4. Sister Boulton and our Messianic Jew friends :)
5. they keep sending me adorable comps so now we're a living example of opposition in all things ahaha


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