August 20, 2018


New Hartford


Malia White

"Slain in the Spirit"

Hey guys!!! Woow I can't even remember what happened this week aha. Transfers are this week and I'm hopin Sister White and I stay together cause I love her and the area so much.

This week has consisted of going to dinner with the Vest's (mission President's family) and President Vest trying to convert our waitress (they can't say no to his Texan accent), talking to classic New Yorker's who make us late for appointments cause they are telling us about how people get "slain in the spirit" in their church (sometimes they feel the Spirit so strong they just lay down in the driveway like they're dead..I mean it happened to King Lamoni...), lot's of tracting in the rain, singing hymns to old people (my favorite), made up dance moves to our cell phone ring tones, helped set up a wedding at the Utica zoo, annnnd chased some people down to give them pass along cards and teach them. :) I'm livin the dream guys. I absolutely love being a missionary.

We also had some really good lessons with the people we get to teach. The Sheldon family fed us and we had a really good lesson on the Plan of Salvation and they said they will come to church next week so we're stoked about them :). They have been such a blessing to be able to teach and get to know. The 5 yr old adores us and cracks me up with her dance moves :). There are a lot of really awesome people here and I love New Hartford/ Utica!

One of my favorite nights this week was getting to walk around South Utica with two kids from a less active family we are trying to help come back to church. We were helping their neighbors find their child who had ran away, and so here we are, walking around a sketchy part of town trying to find someone with a couple kids that we got to pray with to know where to look. On our way back we got to sing "I am a Child of God" and "I Love to See the Temple" with them, and it just hit me how grateful I am for the Gospel and my childhood. These kids are free to roam around at night in a neighborhood that has some occasional drive by shootings and drug problems, and all they want to do is go to church but their parents are going through some stuff and don't come. We're so blessed. I feel like I focus on the fun and interesting things of the work in these emails, but I hope you all know how much being on a mission means to me. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior. I know that this Gospel is true and that everything under that statement is true as well.

We met a Professor who teaches on a college campus in our area cause she wanted some copies of the Book of Mormon for her students in a class she is teaching about religions in the west. We picked her brain for a little bit and she told us some things about the early church that I didn't enjoy hearing. As she was saying it, I had a conversation in my head that went a bit like "Ok Anna, are you going to let this in? Nah I already know the church is true without a doubt so I don't need to worry about it". And that is one of the moments in which I know being on a mission has started to change me. I hope you all have a great week!
1. Little Esther and my awkward harmonica playing aha
2. Classic
3. Home grown corn from the local stand :)
4. My boys the Beatles.

Sister Anna Wright
New York Utica Mission


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