July 23, 2018


New Hartford


Malia White

"Nothing butt the Gospel"

Hey guys!!!! Utica/New Hartford is great and Sister White and I have had some cool experiences. I went on my first two exchanges with the sisters we are sister training leaders for. Aha it's basically the most stressful thing ever already, but on top of that I was super sick all day but I had to fake like I was fine. If any of you remember me, I don't do very well at faking things ahaha. Heavenly Father blessed us a ton though and we talked to so many people about the Gospel that day, we couldn't write them down fast enough. It's cool going on exchanges (sisters in other areas come and stay with us for a night and we switch companions for 24 hrs. as we go out and work so they can hopefully learn and experience the work in another area) because I get to hear their stories of how they chose to come on missions.

At the end of one of the exchange nights I was with a Sister named Sister McAllister, who is so randomly hilarious I was dying all night. We go to knock on the last house and inside is this straight naked dude lookin back at me. Ahahah I flipped out and we moved away from the door and froze till he came out in a towel and apologized. Uhhhhh ahah. As we're walking away Sister McAllister goes, "Well this night has been full of nothing butt the gospel." I died.

One night while Sister White and I were knocking doors, this darling kid opens the door before we even knocked and goes, "Sisters, sisters! We're Jehovah witnesses too!!!" Not even the actual Jehovah witnesses know we aren't them ahaha. Classic.

We street contacted this guy named Justin last week and he came to church yesterday!!! I had to give a talk on Temples and it didn't even phase him aha. We talked to him after and he kept all his commitments and has read the chapter we assigned him multiple times! Aha Sister White and I's jaws drop wayyy too much when we're teaching him cause he is a Spiritual genius and says the coolest things and asks great questions. We are also teaching a cute family who is half from the Philippines! They offered to cook us food and their little girl sat in the lesson and stroked my hair aha. I love being a missionary.

I'm grateful I was asked to speak about Temples, because it gave me an opportunity to think about covenants and the things we have promised God, as well as the things He promises us in return. I can't go to the Temple as often as I would like to out here, but you guys can! There really is just a peace when we take the time and go to the Temple and walk the grounds. That's something I took for granted before, but I appreciate the comfort and answers I received from attending. Hope you guys have a great week and remember the pioneers in Utah cause NY has nooo idea aha.

1. all my comps make fun of my noodles and juice diet till they join me #v8noodles shout out to mom
2. Upside down pizza from Utica's oldest pizza place :) (2nd oldest pizza place in the USA)
3. Missionary work is tiring
4. some of the Vest's playin soccer with us

Sister Anna Wright
New York Utica Mission
245 Oxford Rd #11C
New Hartford, NY 13413


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