July 16, 2018


New Hartford


Malia White

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wright's can make an airplane"

Heyyyy guys!!!! Aha it's been crazy. So first of all I am in Utica and loooving it!!! I'm so stoked about the cool people here, the ward, and my fellow missionaries! My comp is Sister White (that's been super fun on door approaches, the puns/jokes have gotten worse now that my comp's name rhymes with mine). Anytime we're coming up on what seems like it'll be an awkward conversation, aha which happens ALLL the time, we literally dare each other to talk to the person. But hey, it works and we've been talking to evverryyonnee. Sister White is soo fun and I'm stoked for this transfer.

So among the missionaries serving in the Utica ward is a Sister Wright, an Elder Wright, and a Sister White. So like I said, the puns are reaal, but Elder Wright's was actually pretty good hence my subject line.

ANYWAYY lately I have just been very grateful for the Priesthood power on the Earth. I'm so grateful for worthy men who can bless the Sacrament each week. It has been such a cool experience being able to see our new mission President, President Vest, use his new keys and follow the Spirit in an exact way. I know that people are given callings for a divine purpose, and that goes for every calling in the church. Every calling. I'll try to remember that as we start hosting exchanges and I realize I have to drive other sisters around and I have zero sense of direction here ahaha.

1. when all my former comps are at transfers :)
2 and 3. from Fayettivell, peace out choose the right style
4. we left them a card and a stickiy note that said the Mormon missionaries like their unicorn. What else is tracting for??

Sister Anna Wright
New York Utica Mission


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