July 9, 2018




Laney Allen

Call me a noodle cause I'm draineeeed, peace out Fayetteville!

Ahaha sos hey guys! We got transfer news and I'm going to New Hartford (which is pretty much Utica!) to be a sister training leader! Utica is where our new mission President and his darling family live (the Vests). Ahaha no pressure. I'm stokkked!

Speaking of the Vests, hollllyyy cow they are the cutest family on this planet. 5 kids, all can sing or play musical instruments and sports, and have powerful testimonies. I am so impressed with them and they already have so much love for us as missionaries. President Vest talked a lot about how being exactly obedient is not toxic perfectionism (check out "Becoming Perfect in Christ" by Elder Gong) and I think that applies to everyone, not just missionaries. The kids sang "Gethsemane" and I was dying. Mostly from the Spirit but also cause the 7 yr old winked at me in the middle of it. Ahahaha I love them.

This week has been weird cause I've been trying to mentally prepare myself to leave Fayetteville. It hasn't worked aha, but I just feel so blessed to have met all of these beautiful people! And to try to help them and teach them in ways that the Lord knows they need. Sister Allen will be training a new missionary here and I'm PUMPED for her and for Fayetteville!

We got to pick up trash behind the town parade on the 4th, and the announcer guy saying "and heeeere's the Mormon's!!!!" as a bunch of us walked past made all the melted into the road tootsie rolls I had to attempt to pick up worth it aha. ALSO we've been able to start teaching a recent convert's daughter, Aubrey! She's 18, asks the BEST questions, laughs at how awkward I am, and is progressing really well! It's so interesting to see how God's timing has worked since I have known her for awhile and would teach her here and there and get to know her, but with summer coming she has more free time and her mom suggested she take the discussions. She came to church this week too!

Last Monday we played soccer with Shyne and Storm and a bunch of other kids from their apt complex. Ahaha like we walked into the library, rounded em up, and went to the back field and played world cup (if ya can't watch it, you play it). Then we bought them icecream and had a lesson. Ahhh I love being a missionary so much.

I know that our Savior and Father in Heaven love us. No matter what we do or don't do. They just love us. But if we want to let them bless us and comfort us we need to be willing to follow the commandments and "repent that (He) may heal you". I love you all!

1. My favorite human Lyna (they are muslim and from France!) with her CTR ring :)
2. Futboooooollll
3. Aha the hoodie a member gave me cause he said "it's kinda hippie and reminded me of you"
4. The parade!!!
5. Shyne and Storm cause I love them
6. When your former trainee brings noodles to a zone meeting cause she knows you love them. 10 pts for Sis Marshall :')
Sister Anna Wright


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