July 2, 2018




Laney Allen

Headline: Two Mormon Missionaries Purge House Word of Wisdom Style

Ahaha heyyy guys, it's been quite the week. Long story short about the dumb "headline"...aha lets just say someone we teach lessons to who is a little crazy sometimes told us to take all her alcohol and tea (which we gave to adult ward members to throw away) and then changed her mind the next day, and called the cops on us. Ahahaha one of the ward members who knows her really well showed up and told the cops what happened, so we didn't have to get involved. Just another day in the life, no big deal.

Shyne and Storm came to church!!!! It was SOO cute to see all the kids in the ward help them feel welcome. And we started teaching a recent converts daughter who I looove so that has been super fun and such a tender mercy. She just gets it and is so fun to teach because she asks lots of good questions. Also Sister Allen and I stopped by someone Sister Oviatt and I left a Book of Mormon with forever ago who didn't seem super solid. Turns out he has been reading a chapter a day and is in Mosiah ahahaha. Sister Allen looked at me like I was an idiot for not trying by again sooner. My bad.

Also having a cold on the mish is great cause everyone looks at you weird anyway since you're wearing a tag, so I can drive around with a large tissue up my nose and the judgement is pretty much the same. #classy

On Sunday we got to teach the 8 and 9 yr olds an impromptu lesson on missionary work since their teacher wasn't there. Ohhh man, these kids are amazing. One of the girls told us she had read the Book of Mormon 4 times and is asking God if it is true but "so far, I'm thinkin it is." And another girl told us about all the copies of the Book of Mormon she has given to friends, her teacher and even her bus driver! It just gave me so much hope for these next generation of kids and how these young people really are the "hope of Israel" and we all are too!

So many little tender mercies have happened this week, it's just been awesome. 99.9% sure I'm leaving Fayetteville next week and I'm starting to stress cause I loooove the people here and this beautiful area. ALSO we get to meet President and Sister Vest tomorrow!

1. Shyne and Stormmm :)
2. Art c
3. Green Lakes #compgoals
4. District pic
5. Sister Wright in her natural habitat
6. "When you try your best but you don't succeeeed" -Coldplay
7. I didn't know I could put this many pictures on here ahah #hightech


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