June 4, 2018




Laney Allen

"Butter is good for you, MyPlate is just government propeganda" -new comp

What's up!!!! This week has been stellar! My new comp's name is Sister Allen and she is amazing! We've been hitting it hard and have had some cool experiences already.

I've been wanting to get into the habit of talking to everyyoneee cause I love tracting but for some reason talking to people on the street terrifies me. So we have been talking to everyone and we have taught sooo many more people!!! It was like 8:50 and we were on our way to our car and we saw a family sitting on their porch so we were like "crabbb we gotta do it" so we talked to them and were able to pick them up as investigators and they were sooo prepared. They even invited us over for dinner for this week ahaha whhaattt?? Even if nothing comes of it it was such a cool immediate blessing for talking to everyone that day.

I've been thinking about Alma 36 when Alma bears his testimony and conversion story to his son Helaman. What a powerful sermon on the complete contrast of "being racked with the pains of a damned soul" to the "joy and marvelous light" that came from him catching hold upon the thought of Jesus Christ. I love that in his rock bottom he remembered what his sweet father had lovingly taught him about the Savior even though at the time he was trying to destroy the church. I think it's such a beautiful contrast between dark and light and shame and peace that comes from remembering the Savior and His infinite atonement. Parents, sometimes you'll never know the good you do and the difference you make by living and loving the Gospel and finding unplanned moments to share your experiences with them.

Speaking of repentance ;) Sister Allen: "dude try this juice it's way good" *we both drink it and then look at the bottle afterwards and realize it definitely has tea in it and natural alcohol and we just accidentally broke the word of wisdom* #missionaryyyyy

Part of our area is a little village called Chittenango and it is the town where L. Frank Baum (the author of the Wizard of Oz) was born and we got to help out at huge festival and parade! Sounds super fun right? Lol yeah it consisted of us pushing a grocery cart down the yellow brick road handing out the even schedule to people aha. But I got to try the famed "fried dough" and Sister Allen got cloud burned so ya know it was still fun aha. Plus tons of people got to read our name tags and this little girl thought we were princesses (what princess doesn't push a ghetto shopping cart around parades?) I love being a misisonary!

1. last Monday hike with ultimate twin momma and Sis O
2. ward mission leaderrrrr
3. Oz Fesstt
4. New York rain storm
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