May 7, 2018




Madison Oviatt

My favorite group of trees (Aka the Sacred Grove)

Hey guys! Currently driving back to Fayetteville from Palmyra!!! So sorry if I don't email back personally (don't worry Mom I will still email you ;) This is the first time I was able to walk through the Sacred Grove and see the Temple here! I am just so grateful for the sacrifices that went into our ablility to have the fulness of the Gospel so accessible to us now. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. That grove of trees is called sacred cause of what really happened there! I really believe that a 14 yr old boy got a history/eternity changing answer to prayer in the spring of 1820.

As we toured their log cabin, a guide asked us who we think was more impressed when the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph in his room. Think about it. Moroni had eternal perspective. He knew the sacrifice he himself had made years before to hid and write and preserve the plates, and he knew the sacrifices that the 17 yr old boy in front of him was going to have to make in order for that divine work to continue. We are so blessed.

So I'm just gonna have to start a "Sister Wright's bad driving event of the week" section in these ahaha. $40 parking ticket thanks @city of 'Cuse (worth the waffles we parked to get)

Had an herbal tea party with a recent convert for her cats birthday. Shout out to Mittens.

We played a freeze tag game called Marshans with the kids in the ward and I creamed them all ;) but I haven't been able to move for the past 3 days cause I'm so sore. #classic

The work becomes less of work when I am reminded of my own testimony. I've found a direct link between my testimony and wanting to share the Gospel.

1. After the ward May the 4th "jar jar taco bar" event when I creamed all the kids at freeze tag. May or may not have ruined my dress aha. (I didn't even hurt any kids @ the Bell uncles)

2. My Fayeteville homies

3. The Palmyra Temple

4. Sister Malcom, Sister Bird and us in the Grove


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