April 23, 2018




Madison Oviatt

"Do not knock on this door or ring the doorbell or leave anything" *knocks and leaves a card*

What's up guys! The sun is shining and I don't know what to do with myself. It snowed like everyday last week. Opposition in all things am I right? (feel blessed I didn't make a Wright pun there, the old people here have ruined it for me.)

So one of my favorite things to do is freak my companions out while tracting. So we come up to this old house and the sign says what I wrote on my subject line except it throws in a classic threat about how they have a dog and we've been warned etc. So I knock on it and this old man comes around to the garage and glares at us through the window and Sister Oviatt was shaken up by it aha so when she saw a statue of a bunny that turned out to be a real bunny she flipped out and ended up shaking like a leaf holding onto my arm ahaha. Goood timmeeess.

We taught a lesson at a meal apt with members and we asked the little kid what enduring to the end meant and he was like "making good choices till your DEAD." Not wrong buddy, not wrong.

So Fayetteville is pretty much the same each week. Not as exciting as hickville. If we knock on the nice houses we get "I'm all set". Welcome to upstate NY. Occasionally however we will get some weird encounters. Like the funny lady who let us in and proceeded to tell us her life story (again, welcome to upstate NY) except she started talking about bile (don't ask) and I started gagging. So pretty much the usual.

I've been reading in Alma about Alma the younger and Amulek and how just awesome they are. I was reading in Alma 11 about how the Savior can't save us in our sins, but He saves us from our sins if we are willing to repent and letting Him help us. I thought that was a pretty cool distinction and something that I have found a new appreciation for having talked to lots of other people from different faiths. It's a somewhat unique principle that we believe in, the fact that we still have to do our part. I'm grateful for that though because it prompts us to change for the better. Love you guys!!!

1. Honestly I don't know what else I can break on our car. Snapped the key in half, don't ask how we start the car now.
2. Dry Mormon Dave had us try gyro on his birthday (wayyy better than sushi)
3. Can't keep us out if you can't spell it WRIGHT (boom none of you saw that coming)
4. Bought a pineapple cause Tuesday the 17th was last week (Psych fans where you @)


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