September 9, 2017


MTC - Provo, UT


Kazia Glick

Sometimes the Lord gives you Temple waffles

Guys I had been telling the Sister's in my district how badly I wanted
waffles lately. Then we went to the temple this morning which was
awesome, and we went to the temple cafeteria after cause none of us
had been. And guess what they were serving...waffles. Ok I know what
you are thinking..... chill Sister Wright they are waffles. But for
some reason it just helped. This week was full of lots of learning,
lots of failing, and lots of 4 square. So overall I would say a good
week. But sometimes you try to teach your teacher who pretends to be
an investigator named Lucas, and you get so caught up in the fact that
your other classmates said he was super hard to teach....that you get
nervous and end up finding yourself saying the word "priesthood" in
the first 10 minutes of the lesson to someone who knows little to
nothing about the Gospel. You then feel your comp start to panic and
then you both start laughing because of how badly you are butchering
it. Was the Spirit there? Ha. You tell me. So hey, sometimes finding
joy in waffles the Lord knew you needed is what gets you through the
week. Also I can't tell you how happy it made me to wear pants today.
Mom, you wouldn't recognize me cause they make me wear dresses and
look nice everyday. This is a new concept for me 😉This week we
taught a lesson on the Plan of Happiness to our "investigator". It's
so strange how I have known the plan my whole life....but never really
know the plan until I am in a fake lesson testifying of how important
it is. I'm out of time but I want to bear brief testimony of how real
God is. Is is our a Heavenly Father and HE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED. He
knows what little things will get you through. He hears your prayers
and He loves you. How amazing is that?!
Yeah that's Pladoh
District meeting about nothing, we ate chips and queso cause #churchistrue
Sister Jeffreyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!


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