October 9, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Sara Morley

Opossum trainers and potential investigators from Pillsbury Dough boy

Ahaha ohhh man this town is full of very interesting people. The leaves are finally changing colors and I am in Heaven. And I don't hate tracting anymore so that's good.

We tracted into these old ladies who were like "Wanna come study John's gospel" and we were like um yes and that is how we met Janet and her mom Lorileigh. Janet told us she had opossums and were were like whaaat that's cool how'd you get them and she was like "from the trailer park. If they hiss at ya, you just flick em in the nose and they learn real quick." ....WHAT. Ahaha I was dying. AND THEN she said she sings so I asked her to sing for us...which then led to a full of concert of her belting this Christian song with a CD accomp. in the background at 8 something at night. When I say belting...I mean like Baptist choir, throwing her arms dramatically toward Heaven as she belted and I was trying SO HARD not to crack. Best night of the mission. When we told her great job she said "It's all from my Lord Jesus". That woman had so much more faith than I do. Even though it was hilarious, I really did learn a lesson that night of how good people are and how lacking in that beautiful sort of faith that some people have.

We miraculously tracted into tons of new people who said to come back and seemed really interested. Like seriously 3 houses in a row were golden. I wish I had more time to write about them, but basically tender mercies are real and obedience is so important. If we choose to obey our Heavenly Father, He blesses us. Even if He didn't want to (which He does) He is bound when we do what He asks. The Gospel is so amazing.

After a whole night of nobody listening to us and not a single Book of Mormon given out, we were driving home and Sister Morley is like "The Pillsbury Dough Boy Whhhhaaattt" and lo and behold I look up at this house and there is a huuuge inflatable white thing on the hill. We were like "ok last house" so then we went and knocked and this hilarious guy with Ninja turtle tattoos opens and we have this hilarious conversation with him (at one point I talked about rapping our testimonies to him or something) yeah don't ask. And he made me promise to watch Ghost Busters when I get home cause that's what the Dough boy actually is and I'm just uncultured. So yeah he took a Book of Mormon and I promised him some cool things. It was awesome. You have to get creative out here to survive ;). I love being a missionary ahhhh.

1. Me DYYYING over the fall colors it's fine
2. Brother B ahhh our branch mission leader is theee coolest and he gave me purple potatoes and duck eggs
3. The only cool thing in Hoosick Falls (there's all this art from this 80 yr old woman named Grandma Moses and if she were alive she would have been baptized I'm sure of it)


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