October 23, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Sara Morley

Road trippin to Utica to here an Apostle

I'm so bad at managing my time aha but here were the highlights of this week:
There was a mission wide conference in which apostle Elder Stevenson came and spoke to us. It was so amazing. He shook each of our hands and looked into our eyes and called us by our names and that alone was a testament of how cool it is that we have apostles on the Earth today to represent Jesus Christ. We are so blessed. Something that he talked about that I loved was how God always attaches a blessing when he asks us to do something. He used the scripture "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, amen." from D&C 4. He had someone read it without the blessings. "Ask, knock. Amen." Totally different message without the blessings. He reminded us to not do that version when we teach people.

I just keep feeling so incredibly blessed to have knowledge of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and everything that goes with it. Lately I have been really thinking about the gift of repentance. I fall short so many times and it had been getting me down lately. But it has been so sweet to be able to recognize how imperfect I am and how patient Heavenly Father is. Being held to such high standards is rough, trying to be like the Savior is rough. But *face palm* that's why we need a Savior!!!! Repentance is such a beautiful concept that I'm sure I have only barely begun to understand. So yeah could you guess which conference talk hit me hard? #ElderHolland


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