December 11, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Sara Morley

I'm Pregnant (aka training)!

Aha ohhh man it's been a week. Lots of stress but lots of excitement

We taught our main investigator Emily the Word of Wisdom (one of my first) and she got so sassy it was hilarious. And terrifying. She does not want to give up that coffee man. She even tried to post-pone our lesson to get coffee cause she knew it was comin aha. She committed to cutting back so that's good. You know the WofW lesson goes well when it includes the investigator teaching you how to take shots and you try it with orange juice. I wouldn't suggest it.

Sister Morley and I got to go to the Hartford, Connecticut Temple!!! It was so beautiful and well needed. It's in Farmington, CT so that was fun to see my hometown name everywhere :) (shout out to Farm towwwnn) So I've been through 4 states on my mission now woot woot. (MA, CT, VT, NY)

We drove to the Temple and as we are going in Sister Morley looks at the phone and realizes we have a missed call from President Rogers. I then proceeded to do a freak out/panic dance cause when President calls you on a Saturday morning before transfers it means someone is getting a leadership position. We tried to call him back with no answer, so I got to go through trying not to think about it all aha. Which I successfully did for most of it. Sort of. Oh man the Temple is amazing and that was such a blessing especially at that time. I always learn something and feel peaceful and rejuvenated. We came out of the Temple and it was SNOWING!!! So that was fun! Until we had to drive back in it and the member who drove us broke her wind shield wiper aha.

We called President back and he told me I will be training...aha ha..uhhhh. I am technically still a greenie as I write this email. I will be picking up my trainee the day I finish being trained. Yep, stoked. Haha but really I am excited to train and to take over the area of Hoosick Falls :) it means I'll get to serve here ​​​​​​​​​​for 6 months of my mission which I am very happy about.

We also had two investigators come to church and they loved it :) ah I've never been more stressed at church than as a missionary lol. But it's a good stress.

The Elder's in our branch had an investigator, Brother Percey get baptized too! The one who asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost. It was so cool cause as I was speaking about it I felt the Holy Ghost influence what I was saying. "Winging it" isn't really a thing as a missionary cause you're always guided :) I had prepared what I could obviously, so we can't just leave it all up to the Heavens. But He definitely helps when we are trying to live worthily and do our best.

Well I love you all, remember Jesus Christ and be looking for ways to #lighttheworld even if it isn't the prompt of the day :)

1. Us ballin it up with investigators Emily and Connor after our church tour (Sister Morley has played her whole life and tried her best to help me with no success)
2. State hoppin
3. The blessed land of Farmington especially the Temple :)
4. Brother Percey (and cute Charlann jumping in and telling us to say "Jesus!" instead of cheese aha


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