December 26, 2017


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

The nights are under zeroooo and I am just about over the snoooowww *sing as you read*

Hi guys! Today is p day since yesterday was Christmas. Ohhh man talking to my family was the best Christmas gift evvveeeerrrr. And shout out to Summer who came over for a minute and immediately burst into tears as soon as she looked at the phone ahaha. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family, extended family, ward, friends, etc. that remind me of how great of a place I have to come home to eventually. (That's a long eventually).

This week has been slow since people are busy around the holidays. Tracting goes a bit like this: we do the door approach, they say "Oh we're busy with family stuff, but merry Christmas and stay warm!" and then Sister Wright smiling and saying merry Christmas back but secretly inside saying "Yep ok sure we will stay warm out here in the snow thanks for telling us to be warm now I can't feel the wind!" Aha I'm not bitter about it. ;)

We made little goodie bags to take to our neighbors, investigators, and branch members and it was fun handing them out. We brought one to our funny neighbor and her whole family was over so they all asked us questions about Mormons and it was hilarious. Most of the conversation was roasting me for my terrible driving record though. Merry Christmas to me.

Thank the Heavens for kind branch members who had us over and fed us and made it feel a bit more like home. It's funny how it took being out here to make me understand that yes, Jesus Christ's birth is very important and beautiful to study and ponder, but that the point of His birth is the life that preceded it. His Gospel, His love, His atonement, His example. I'm learning just how much I need Him. I'm so grateful for Him and our Heavenly Father. We really never can fall farther than their love can reach. I love you all and wish you a happy New Year!

1. Christmas Eve dinnnnner #walmartchicken and noodles from a box (is it bad that knowing the food I was missing out on at home was killing me more than not seeing my family?) that's a joke. Mostly.
2. Our goodie bag project!
3. My emotional family that I adore (GramJam not pictures but I love her too)
4. Eggnog at Bro B's


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