January 8, 2018


Hoosick Falls


Whitney Marshall

The temperature is negative so I can't be

I think that's gonna be my new motto. Apparently a "cyclone bomb" hit Boston with the coldest temperatures it's seen in 100 years...but don't quote me on it cause I'm a missionary without much access to the internet. And we got some of the super fun cold effects of that which means we couldn't leave our apt for two days. Good times.

We got permission to leave the apt to go to my friends funeral mass and while that was nice and it was good to see her family and show support, the overall feeling I got from it was sort of hollow. The church was beautiful and they were talking about Christ, but it was so cross oriented. It made me so grateful for the simple truths of Jesus Christ's church on the Earth today. The Spirit I feel when I partake of the Sacrament and listen to not only the effects of our Savior's death but especially how He lives and the reality of His help in our lives each day are the things that bring me joy.

We were able to invite Becca to be baptized on a specific date and she said she would if she can get permission etc. so we are talking that tender mercy and running with it. There is really no other feeling like seeing someone exercise faith to come closer to Jesus Christ. It feels something like JOOOYYYY!

With the passing of our friend and Prophet Thomas S. Monson and as I was able to receive a blessing from my mission president this week, the effects of the Priesthood have been on my mind lately. I guess I just want to bear my testimony of the very real blessings that we as individuals and we as a church have because of it. God has given us revelation on a church level and on a very personal level. I am just so grateful for that.

1. Our weekly trip to the creepy cellar to turn the power back on woot woot
2. When you go crazy from being on house arrest
Video proof of going crazy from being on house arrest #elvishymns


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