March 26, 2018




Madison Oviatt

Sister Wright, are you from Russia?

Hey guys!!! This week has been pretty good, we had a dinner apt everyday this week aha I love the ward here. We've been trying to work with them to find people to teach cause missionaries can't do much without the members' help!

Everywhere I go I get asked if I am from Ukraine, Russia, or Sweden. It's like blonde hair, blue eyes and skin that hasn't seen the sun in months = oh you must be Russian? And it's usually from people who have actually been out of America aha.

Noah like the ark (less active) took us to this Japanese place and had us try sushi for the first time. The deal was if we ate it he had to come to church especially cause I was speaking. So I ate a bunch of weird food and raw tuna. Sunday rolls around and Noah didn't. Then I got sick cause of the raw fish and my stomach is rolling now too. Story of my life ahaha.

YOU GUYS I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon!!! I actually like... get excited when I'm reading it. It's such a weird sensation aha. Read it everydayyyy!!! I think sometimes we think "pshh I've got a testimony" and we pull a line from people in upstate NY and say "we're all set". But unless we are adding to that testimony the only thing we are set on is being less than we can become. Reading the Book of Mormon is surest way I have found to increase my faith. And we could all use more of that :)

I'm aware they all involve food, welcome to my life.
1. Nasty shakes with so much sugar we were having spasms while trying to pray that night.
2. CHICK FIL A =chicken tender mercy (joke cred @davisbell)
3 & 4. Sushi. Looked a lot better comin in then out #nausea


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