April 16, 2018




Madison Oviatt

Caz cops comin after us and a lesson at Lowe's

What's up guys! This week has been great! So I've discovered this amazing trick of focusing on what I'm grateful for. Now I know this is super new information for you guys and you have NEVER heard it before, but turns out if you are are happier. Is your mind blown yet? Aha it just cracks me up how many common sense things have helped me so much! Like these things I have heard/known my whole life kind of click sometimes and makes such a difference. I was not super thrilled with missionary work for a minute there, but through prayer and changing my attitude I have never been more stoked to be Sister Wright.

Got the cops called on us in one of our outskirt areas called Cazenovia while knocking doors. Narrowly escaped. Thanks to my speedy driving skills (surprised they didn't get us that way too).

New Yorker's are funny. Like one guy wanted us to teach him a lesson at Lowe's, "you seem enthusiastic enough, you can figure it out" aha. And these other people were like "nah not interested" made a joke about Trump and then gave us a bag of chips and some chocolate. I've had stuff like that happen before. It's like they're worried we might actually be the true church (go figure) so they give us stuff to play it safe. If only a bag of chips could get ya past the pearly gates.

Transfer calls went swimmingly as Sister Oviatt and I will both be staying in Fayetteville! We're stoked :) My testimony of fasting has grown as I've been able to be both the participator and the receiver of many prayers and fasts. God has given us so many tools to succeed in this life, it's pretty amazing.

Dave is doing well, and we have some other people to teach too. It's still slow since Fayetteville has been tracted multiple times and apparently it's the "ritzy" part of Syracuse aha. But it's crazy what faith can find :)

There was a special women's conference in which the general YW President, the General Primary 2nd Counselor, and the General RS President were able to come to Liverpool and we got to go see them speak and then hug them afterwards! It was so cool! We have such inspired leaders in this the true church of Jesus Christ. They talked about ministering how the Savior did, and how He took His time with individuals. Read 3 Nephi chapter 17 if you want a perfect example of how the Savior ministered. He doesn't have to ask what we need. He knows. And we have the Spirit to inspire us to what our fellow people need.

Have a great week, love you all!

Pictures (new smart phones wooot woooot)
1. Zone conf accidental Floral Friday
2. when you can actually take selfies cause you have a real phone now
3. tracting treasures
4. the Goulding kids :)


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