July 7, 2020


New Hartford, New York


Sister Pieper and Sister Woods

New Hartford!


I made it to NY! It is really green and the people here have very fun personalities. They love to talk and it is the best. We found out yesterday that church starts in 2 weeks for us which was very exciting news for the whole mission! We do zoom calls with the President and our mission every other day, we go on walks, and use area book to find people to call! We have on average 4 lessons a day. Also, happy 4th everyone! We didn't get to see any fireworks but we got to see fireflies for the first time! It was a tender mercy. I'd say it was the best substitute for fireworks :)

Everyone pray for Chuck!! He is the most faithful and humble man ever. You can tell he wants to do all he can to please the Lord. Sadly, he is in the hospital and it isn't looking too good. He wants to receive a Priesthood blessing and to one day be baptized. Please keep him in your prayers. Quote of the week from Chuck:

*talking to us on facebook messenger while in the hospital and the nurse walks in*

"I'll call you back in 10 min, the nurse just walked in" - Chuck
"Are those your daughters??" - Nurse
"No, they're my sisters!" - Chuck

One more...

"The nurses love me. They come in and say hi to me like I'm the President of the United States." - Chuck

We love him and I know if you met him, you would immediately love him too. The time when we have felt the Spirit the strongest with those we are teaching is when they pray. It is SO powerful. Their prayers are very sincere. I have one more minute to type but I want to say I love you all and that Heavenly Father is so aware of you. Jesus Christ lives.

Until next week! (hopefully)
Sister Moeller


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