June 22, 2020


At Home MTC


Sister Little

One more day!

Hello Family and Friends!!

These past 2 weeks have been full of ups and downs, but mostly ups! My district consists of 4 elders and 4 sisters. We have a good time.. everyone is soo funny and also very wise! (pictures down below) We are on zoom for 6 hours a day, with breaks, which seems like a long time but it's actually the best.. even when you feel exhausted.

Saturday was our last class with Brother Shibuta. He invited each of us to bear our testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ, through sharing a talent. Elder Bardsley drew a candle, Elder Lunt sketched the temple, Elder Zindel drew a sunset (with colored pens.. because he is "an adult" and doesn't use crayons hahah), Sister Leonard drew Indiana Jones because he had to take a "leap of faith" which she connected to exercising faith in Jesus Christ... Elder Felts read quotes from talks he loves.. Sister Ballard and I shared pre-recorded songs.. and my companion Sister Little (who is the greatest MTC comp of all time) shared a picture of her and her friend who has special needs.

All of these amazing people shared their testimony of Christ through their talents in beautiful ways! Talents and abilities are NOT JUST singing, playing an instrument, etc... they also include the Christlike attributes each of you possess. There are many unique ways to share your talents. I invite you all to find something simple to do this next week to share a talent you possess, or desire to obtain (D&C 60:2-3). Pray for this talent and seek the guidance of the Spirit in your efforts and He will guide you. You will be blessed for any effort you make to bring a soul unto Jesus Christ.

During the week we sign-up for TRC's. They are so great! We never find out if the people we teach during TRC's are members or not. My comp and I taught Alexander who is from Peru and he is awesome. It was so fun learning about his family and religious background. He asked great questions and learned with an open heart. During our first lesson with him, we talked about his religious background for so long that we only made it to the first principle in the Plan of Salvation lesson haha. I guess we were enjoying it because that 30min flew by. My companion and I honestly can't tell if he is a member or not but we are thinking he is a recent convert or an acting major at BYU. Amazing experience nonetheless.

One last thought... With Christ, we can become more. He can meet us where we are, and mold us. It isn't easy to remember this all the time, but I promise if you strive to humble yourself every day, you will grow. Embrace the journey of becoming with a humble and happi heart.

Love you all!!

Sister Moeller
- Me and my adorable new Nephew reading 1 Nephi 1! He had a rough start and was taken to the NICU. He came home on Saturday and is doing a lot better but is still on oxygen. Keep Bridger in your prayers!
- The district doing a wall sit competition.. Elder Bardsley won
- Scripture Power!


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