August 14, 2017



WEEK 48: Surprise in Surprise

Good morning my beautiful friends and family!

My wonderful trainer, and dear friend Sister Moss surprised me at
Edna's baptism in Surprise! She told me for weeks she couldn't go
because she had work and then there she was. It felt like home being
back in Surprise. It's been so long since I've been there, 7 months.
Wow, time goes by so fast. But yes!! Edna got baptized!!!! I never
would have imagined. She was very strong in her Jewish beliefs and we
respected that and just loved her. Sister Moss and I loved going over
to her house, helping her around the house and hearing all about her
life and her stories. It's been almost a year since I met her and she
decided to be baptized. How amazing and beautiful it was. I gave the
talk on Baptism at the baptism :)

The Tucson temple was dedicated yesterday (Sunday)!! We were able to
watch all three sessions of it at the church. We also were able to
watch the cultural celebration for the Tucson temple Saturday night.
It was so cool watching all the youth of Tucson sing and dance and
talk about the history of Tucson. And then being able to witness the
temple being dedicated on Sunday was unlike anything I have ever seen
or felt. It was incredible. Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Gary E. Stevenson
were the two apostles who came and I couldn't believe it was Uchtdorf.
I'm pretty sure I've read every conference talk he's given. What an
incredible man. I just can't describe how beautiful it was.

This week we mostly did finding, going door to door. No luck. One
night I felt super prompted to go see a former investigator, he was
super friendly but not interested. I thought for sure he would be
interested since I felt so strongly to go see him, but I think
sometimes God tells us to do things just to see if we'll listen. And
who knows, maybe that guy has been thinking about our visit.

One thing Dieter F. Uchtdorf said several times at the Tucson
dedication, was "Words are good, deeds are even better." I have been
really thinking about that. The way we show people we really love them
is by serving them, going out of our way for them, and sometimes even
making sacrifices for them. Yes words can uplift people and it's
great, but one of my favorite sayings is "actions speak louder than
words." It also goes for us and our relationship with God. Yeah saying
we love Him is great, but showing Him that we love Him is even better.
We do that by keeping the commandments and simply trying our best. And
the best part is that He helps us with whatever we need help with. Be
happy. Serve and love others. And love God and Jesus Christ. That's
all you need for a happy life.

I love you all,
Sister Amy Knox 🌵

1-4. At Edna's baptism 💓
5-6. At Mary's house. She made us mini pies and gave us mini ice cream
to go with it 🍰🍨
7. Had to document that we went to the doctors and for the first time
is wasn't for me! P.s. Sister Weyerman is okay :)


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