June 6, 2017



Week 38: 9 months

Week 38: 9 months
Jun 6
"The greatest decision I ever made in my life was to give up something I dearly loved to the God I loved even more." -Thomas S. Monson

This quote sums up my mission. It's been 9 months and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am sad that I am half way through because I never want it to end. I have met so many amazing people and had so many incredible experiences. There's nothing greater than being an instrument in God's hand and watching someone's life change because of it.

CRAZY CRAZY MIRACLE. Last transfer, Sister Olsen and I used to go street contacting a lot in downtown Prescott usually just handing out pictures of Christ. We got a text Monday night from a random number asking if it was Sister Olsen and Sister Knox. We told the person it was and he said, "I don't know if you remember me or not but a few months ago you gave me a picture of Jesus Christ while I was walking around the square." He continued to tell us he noticed a different Spirit about us and has looked at that picture of Jesus Christ everyday since. He's had a hard life and is dealing with a lot of pain due to his time he spent in the military.

This week has been so much fun. We go and visit Barbara every night at the Rehab facility because she is going stir crazy in there. On Saturday she told us she was feeling depressed so while walking around Walmart shopping for her, we found facial masks. That night we took it to her and we did it all together. They were these black masks and she thought it would be funny to walk around the place and scare/make all the old people laugh, so that's what we did. She had a great night. It makes me so happy to see her happy.
I can't count all the miracles and spiritual experiences I have weekly or even just on a daily basis. I know that God lives and loves us. I feel it with my whole soul. I know we find healing through Jesus Christ. I know this because I feel it daily. Serving a mission is the hardest thing I have done but oh definitely the most rewarding and wondrous. I feel so blessed that God told me to come serve a mission and that I followed His counsel despite the heartbreaking sacrifices I have had to make because of it. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of God, another testament of Christ. I know that we can truly come to know Christ and His character by reading this book and find the healing and peace we are all searching for. Whatever your questions, concerns, heartaches, pains, you name it, it is found within the pages of the Book of Mormon. I know this because I have read it and truly prayed about it. You can know too.

Transfers are tomorrow and Sister Christley and I will be staying together for another transfer.

Love you all,
Sister Knox 🌵

Sister Christley and I
Our face masks with Barbara
We made a fort after district meeting since it was the last district meeting of the transfer


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