June 19, 2017



Week 40: happy happy happy

Good morning my beautiful friends and family!

This week flew by. So much happiness I can't contain it. Insane week though.

I had exchanges with Sister Percival on Wednesday and went to Chino Valley which is basically all farm land and dirt roads. Sister Percival and her companion Sister Hansen just got doubled into Chino so they have no work, we spent the whole day trying to find people and knocking doors. One door let us in. Her name was Rosabelle and had a cute son. She's from Mexico. She is dead set in her ways and isn't interested in learning about our religion but we had a wonderful talk about repentance and how God never gives up on us no matter how many times we mess up and make the same mistake. She was in tears the whole time and said she was grateful God sent us to her.

I had surgery on Thursday and it was a great experience. I woke up once during it but they put me right back to sleep. Sister Christley recorded me right after I woke up and have some pretty hilarious videos because of it. It's been go go go since the surgery so I haven't rested or had time to recover. I am rocking the crutches and wheelchair look right now. It was also Sister Christley's year mark that day and I didn't want her to remember it as the day I got surgery so I planned to go out to lunch after my surgery with a whole bunch of members. I'm pretty sure it was fun, I don't really remember it because I was so out of it. Sister Christley had fun and that's all that matters. I also got to FaceTime my cute mom before and after the surgery, it was so wonderful to see her and talk to her 💕

On Friday we had a mission party where the whole mission got together to say goodbye to President and Sister Griffin before they leave on July 1st. I am going to miss them so much. I can't even begin to describe how much President and Sister Griffin have helped me over the past 9 months. Even though I had a terrible reaction to the pain meds the doctor gave me I was still able to go to Phoenix and enjoy the party. I am grateful for the many missionaries who played uno and clue with me while all the others played sports. That was a huge blessing to me. They had all the missionaries do a vote and out of all the Sister Missionaries in the mission I won Best Dressed. I couldn't believe it. I got a Subway gift card and a tie signed by President Griffin :)

On Saturday we did service with the Elders for our investigator Sean Paul and his family. It has been hot here in Prescott. It reached 100. Boy am I glad I'm not serving down in Phoenix. We did a ton of yard work. It was a lot of fun. They had an apricot tree so we ate lots of those.

We got a new investigator!! Her name is Jaleane. We met her at the Rehab center Barbara was in. We taught her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon and she absolutely loved it. She is getting out tomorrow and moving to Chandler but wants to continue to meet with the missionaries over there and start going to church. She is the cutest 70 year old lady ever and I am so grateful for her, her willingness to learn something new, and for her friendship and light she is to me.

Trusting in God brings happiness. Serving others brings happiness. Watching people change brings happiness. Loving others no matter who they are or what they do brings happiness. The gospel=happiness.
I love you all,
Sister Knox 🌵

1. The members we live with left this in our apartment which almost scared us half to death
2. Celebrating Sister Christley's one year with Carrie Hewitt
3-4. Sister Christley, Sister Hansen, Sister Percival and I after our exchange
5-6. Right after surgery
7. Our whole mission at the mission party
8. Sister Olsen and I after the mission party :)
9. With my Mission President and his wife Sister Griffin❤️❤️❤️


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