June 26, 2017



Crickets Week 41

Week 41 Crickets
Good morning my beautiful friends and family!

One of the best, most rewarding weeks of my mission.

Every night we come home their are crickets everywhere in our apartment. We don't know how they are getting in but we spend most of the night naming them, chasing them, and catching them to release outside.

On Tuesday we did service service service out in 106 degrees all day long. We helped someone move, and did lots of yard work. It was a great time.

Wednesday we had to say goodbye to our new investigator Jaleane, who I love dearly. She got released from the Rehab center and moved down to Chandler. It was hard to say goodbye. She doesn't have a phone number, Facebook, email, and didn't know her address so I have been praying she will run into missionaries down there and continue to learn. I pray for her every night. What a blessing it has been to have known her even if it was only for a short time.

Saturday the 24th two beautiful events happened. Terry and Anna were baptized. How wonderful it was to see them take upon themselves the name of Christ, to be washed clean of all their sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It's been a long wonderful journey with them. I have been teaching them for 5 months now. At first, Terry told Sister Olsen and I he would never get baptized. But watching him grow and feel of the love our Savior Jesus Christ has for him really helped to strengthen my own testimony. It has been so great to have had the wonderful honor of being apart of their conversion and changing their lives for the better.
Right after their baptism we headed to Phoenix to take our recent convert Barbara (who was baptized in February when I first got to Prescott) to the Phoenix Temple! I thought Prescott was hot, but after being in Phoenix I am so grateful to be up North. It was 122 degrees while we were there. Barbara just got out of rehab for having a revision on her leg so she was not able to do baptisms, and since I just had surgery as well I could not do it either, so Sister Christley had the wonderful opportunity to be baptized for Barbara's mother. It was so amazing to see Barbara in the temple and for her to feel that her mother accepted the gospel. What a spiritual experience it was for us all.

There's nothing more beautiful than watching people you teach change their lives so that they can be worthy for baptism and to go into the temple. For some people they are drastic changes that take lots of dedication and trying. How I admire those people who give it all up for their love for God and for Jesus Christ. For others not so much. I have really come to learn that it doesn't matter who you are, what your background is, what you've done, where you have grown up, etc. the gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. Every single person on earth. I know that God loves us all and theres nothing that can't be forgiven of.

"Earth has no sorrow Heaven can't heal."

I love you all,
Sister Knox 🌵

1. SC and I found a dead cow head while tracting
2-4. Terry and Anna's baptism :)
5. Barbara was so happy that she was able to stand in her new high heeled red boot
6-7. Us and Barbara at the temple
8. SC and I


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