October 3, 2016



This Sisters Will Knox The Moss Off Your Missionaries Efforts

I am in Surprise, Arizona!! My favorite thing about it here are the storms. I think I love it so much because we rarely get storms let alone rain in California. I love thunder and lightning. There are always clouds everywhere which makes for extremely beautiful sunsets. There are also more palm trees here than cacti but I love it because it reminds me of home.

This week of going from the MTC to the field has been hard. Way harder than I had expected. But it has also been very good. Because it has been so hard I have been able to rely more heavily on the Lord which has brought peace in times of despair. My trainer/new companions name is Sister Moss and she is incredible. She is from Pennsylvania and has been out for 11 months. I am so grateful for her and the amazing example she is to me. Her testimony is inspiring. I hope one day I can be as great of a teacher as her. Although she has a very spiritual side she is also very funny and we have a lot of fun together. We are constantly laughing. We also live with two Hermana's which is super fun. One of my goals while on my mission was to learn Spanish so they are helping me.
I know that I have the best mission president because he let all the new missionaries take a nap on our first day. We had all been up since 3 am so that was a huge blessing to us all. At the MTC one of the speakers said that they pick missions for the missionaries by the mission president and I now know that is so true because my mission president and his wife are so loving and caring. They understand mental illnesses and are always there to help. Before leaving on my mission that was a huge concern to me since I have dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. But the first day they said if you need anything call us. You don't need to go through the district leaders or zone leaders. I know that the reason the Lord sent me here was because I needed to have this mission president.

The other night we were tracking which is going door to door which is probably my least favorite thing to do. So we got out of the car and we're walking on grass because there was no sidewalk. It was super dark outside. As we were walking I heard a squishing sound and felt my foot sink. I looked down and my foot was soaked in mud. It was so funny. The Lord knew I needed some major laughter after a long hard day and he gave it to me. We sat there laughing not knowing what to do for a good 30 minutes. Most people probably would have been made that their shoe just got ruined but it was just so funny and I was so grateful to feel joy that I didn't even care my shoe got ruined for life. My companion felt bad for me so she took us to get smoothies and it was a great night.
We get the chance to start teaching English classes to refugees from Iraq and Africa this week and I am so excited. Our church works with refugees from all over the world and I am so happy I get to help in some little way.

We also cover three wards which is nice because since the area is so big we get a car but also sucks because we have to go to nine hours of church each Sunday. I'm sure I'm going to love it eventually.

General conference was amazing this weekend. My favorite talk was the one about how our whole purpose in life is to have joy. That's what this gospel brings: joy. If you focus on God and rely on the Savior and His Atonement for everything you will feel joy even on your darkest days. I have experienced that a lot on my mission. Times will get hard in life, it is a part of life, but if you focus on the Savior, you can get through anything. I know that is true. You can experience joy even when you wreck your favorite pair of shoes :)

I love you all,
Sister Knox


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