January 8, 2018



Week 69: And then there were three

Good afternoon my beautiful friends and family!

Nobody quite knows what’s happening.

Wednesday was transfers! I’m finally in my last transfer! Honestly I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m still super focused on my missionary purpose and am not trunky at all. We got a phone call from the AP’s (assistants to the Mission president) Wednesday morning asking if I could give a discussion in less than an hour for the new trainers/trainees. I only said yes because they agreed to feed Sister Parke and I lunch 😜

Thursday my mother Sister Moss came to visit us!!! It was so good to see her. We went to Freddy’s in remembrance of our time in Surprise together. Later that night we went to dinner with Charity and Tiffany, two of the first people from Surprise we taught together ❤️

Friday was district Meeting. I gave a discussion on the importance of Sacrament Meeting. We then went to our recent convert Mary’s home and made homemade fettuccine!! My love for pasta grew even more which I didn’t even think was possible.
MIRACLE: that night Sister Parke and I felt so prompted to go see a potential investigator Sister Garrick and I street contacted a while ago. We were so excited so we go up to the door and knock. And wait. No answer. We are still excited. We knock again. And wait, and wait some more. Still no answer. We didn’t understand why we felt we need to show up to see them. We begin to walk away and we pass by this guy. I barely recognized him because he shaved his head but I turned around and said “Hey Lyman! It’s Sister Knox!” He was so happy to see us. We were able to set up a time to come back. Sometimes the miracle come after your trial of faith. All you have to do is follow the Spirit and let God do the rest.
Later that night we got a phone call from our Mission president that we might we in a trio...
It was super sad but on Saturday a sister decided to go home early from her mission so her companion Sister Winmill is now in a trio with Sister Parke and I. It’s been crazy. I’ve never been in a trio before. We are still covering our area with our three wards and we are now covering Sister Winmill’s area with her two wards. So that equals 5 wards. Stress levels have been high for all of us. But it’s been fun. Sunday we were running back and forth between church buildings. We aren’t really sure how we are going to manage everything so we are just putting our trust in the Lord. He put us all together for a reason so it will all work out.

Sister Winmill’s Stake had Stake Conference this Sunday. Elder Haymond of the seventy came to speak. Our mission president and his wife, and the Arizona Phoenix temple president and his wife also spoke. It was such a spiritual experience. Elder Haymond said something that I really needed to hear. He said, “Never feel that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are ever to far to reach you. Never think that you are insignificant.”

I really do know and testify that we are never alone.

Sister Amy Knox 🌵
1. This has always been one of my favorite stories in the New Testament since the beginning of my mission. It has been my background since day one. But this week I found a new painting of it that I love even more.
2. Tiffany!!!! And Sister Moss aka Rachel and Sister Parke and I
3. Sister Moss aka Rachel and I 💗
4. My selfie with Petry
5. Petry loves my hair
6. Making homemade fettuccine


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