December 11, 2017



Week 65: The Time we almost met Chris Brown

Good afternoon my beautiful friends and family!

It’s cold here in Phoenix Arizona. This past week we smelt fires. It turns out that we are smelling the fires from California. Lots of prayers are coming your way.

Tuesday the Elders invited us over to help them clean this woman named Vicki’s house. They did the outside work while Sister Parke cleaned the ceiling fans cause she’s tall and can do that while I cleaned the bathroom. Vicki has neuropathy so she can’t move around much without being in a lot of pain. After we were done cleaning we sat down to talk with her. She asked if we could pray for her so we all sat in a circle and held hands while I prayed. Half way through the prayer she broke down in tears and told us we were her angels. She told us she wanted to join the church. Unfortunately she’s not in our area so we can’t teach her but we did get permission to make a gingerbread house with her on Friday. She has the sweetest spirit and I love her so much.

Sister Parke and I have been trying to get to know everyone in our area book. One day we came upon this person named Corinne. We went to go see her and it ended up being a group home with lots of elderly woman. She hasn’t had visitors in months and it made her so happy we came by to see how she was doing. We showed her light the world and she smiled the whole time. Unfortunately she couldn’t hear me because my voice is too soft and she lost her hearing aids. but Corinne and Sister Parke had a great conversation while I listened. Sometimes that’s what missionary work is all about, just showing love and being there for someone in need.

We have gone to two ward Christmas parties so far. It’s been so fun. I’ve worn my ugly Christmas sweater to both. One of them the theme was based off of the the grinch and they went all out and had a grinch play which transitioned into the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ. It was clever, the Spirit was strong. Still one more Christmas party to go!

We finally found someone new to teach! It was a It was a miracle! These past few weeks have been discouraging, knocking lots of doors with no success. Our teaching pool is very small but Thursday night God blessed us with a miracle. We went to this part member families home. We were so excited so we knocked on the door and waited and waited and there was no answer. So we knocked again, but still, no answer. We were sad. We felt so good about going to see this family. We walked away and were about to leave when a truck pulled up. I pretty much jumped and ran out of the car I was so excited. The wife who isn’t a member said “Missionaries! I haven’t seen you in so long! Where have you been?” We were able to share light the world with her and she loved it. So we took her to and showed her the 25 day initiative. She’s been doing it everyday. She’s also going to come with us to see the Mesa Temple Lights on Tuesday night. She told us she wants us to come back and teach her!

Here’s the link to the light the world video. You all should really watch it! It’s all about how we can serve all those around us this Christmas season and as we do that we will light the world with kindness and love.

Hope you all are doing well! Talk to you next week!

I love you all,
Sister Amy Knox 🌵


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