September 4, 2017



Week 51: It's a girl!

Good morning my beautiful friends and family!

On Wednesday at 10am I was blessed with the most amazing trainee in
the mission, Sister Garrick. She is from Huston, Texas (yes her family
is okay). I strongly feel that out of all the Sisters that came out
this transfer, which was 9, that I was blessed to have the most solid,
sweet, hard working one. We jam out to Gladys Knight. You should all
look up Gladys Knight song "Jesus, Oh What A Wonderful Child."

We have spent the past few days focused on following the Spirit.
Whenever we feel prompted to knock on a door or talk to someone we
just do it. We don't question it we just do it. We have had awesome
experiences. No one has been interested but we've been planting seeds
and inviting people to come unto Christ and that is what we are here
to do. The other day we were tracting this neighborhood and the cutest
old lady with old fashioned curlers in her hair opened the door with
her little dog. She had a beautiful accent. We asked if she would like
to hear a message about hope and peace that Christ can bring into our
lives. She politely declined saying she was a strong Catholic but that
by our smiles and positive influence we made her day. She told us that
like 5 times. I was sad that she didn't want us to come back because I
just loved her so much and wanted to learn all about her life. Even
though she didn't accept our invitation I think that our message is
bringing that cheerful influence to people, she felt our love for her
even though we just met.

I often ask my trainee what she thinks is best, because I strongly
believe that we can both receive revelation for this area. I want her
to know that even though she's only been here for a few days this area
is just as much hers as mine. She felt inspired to go see a family
that I knew nothing about. It ended up being a family with unbaptized
youth. It has been a blessing to watch her follow the Spirit and have
spiritual experiences.

We had an awesome lesson in Relief Society this week about how God
always delivers us, but it's usually in the 4th watch. After Jospeh
Smith said his prayer to know what church to join, Satan came upon him
to the point he thought he was going to be led to destruction, but
just as he thought he could not take anymore, Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ appeared to him. In the Bible, the widow and her son are
going to have their last meal and die and then Elijah comes asking for
food and their pots are filled with enough food to last forever. There
are so many times in the Bible/Book of Mormon where people thought
that they could take no more and just when they are about to give up,
God delivers them. God doesn't give us trials to watch us suffer. He
gives us trials so that we can grow and so that we can know for a
surety that it was God that delivered us because there was no other
way. I have felt both those things in my life. God is never early, He
is rarely on time, but He is never late. He knows us. He knows what is
best for us.

I love you all,
Sister Amy Knox 🌵

1. Me and Petry (he loves to land on my head and attack my hair btw)
2. District meeting
3. Ariana Grande teaches the Plan of Salvation
4. A lil sunset pic from our area


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