March 12, 2018


North Carolina Charlotte Mission


sister snow


First full week

This week was bike week. My companion decided that it would be a good idea to bike when it's pitch black outside. On our way over to visit one of our investigators I totally crashed haha. Biking in a skirt is definitely harder than I thought it would be, but oh well I have 18 months to figure it out!

One of my favorite parts of the day is personal study. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much. Whenever im struggling or have a question about something I know I can receive guidance and inspiration by reading from it. I know the book of Mormon is the word of god. I know that if we have faith in christ and sincerely read it, we will feel so much comfort and happiness.

This week we had alot of meetings. In one of the churches that we met at, I saw caution tape in the chapel and was wondering what was going on. Well come to find out there are bed bugs!! So me being me, I totally freaked out!! When we came back to the apartment I washed all my clothes haha. So far no bed bugs (pray for me)

We had about 20 minutes left in the day to call people. We ended up calling this number and someone answered and we told them who we are and this lady started sobbing. She told us that we called her right when she needed it. The next day we went over to her house. We talked to her about the church and she's interested in learning more!

We were able to do service at a farm that provides housing and food for refugees. We helped put up a playground and filled in wood chips for the kids. I was able to play with two of the cutest girls!

On Sunday one of our recently baptized converts was able to receive the priesthood! He will be baptizing his wife this Saturday! It's been a wonderful experience being apart of watching this family come closer to Jesus Christ and to convert their lives in harmony to the teachings of the gospel.

I hope y'all have a great week! Thank you for all the prayers and for the love and support! I love you all!


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