March 5, 2018


North Carolina Charlotte Mission


sister snow


Hey y'all!! (me trying to sound southern) this week has been crazy! I made it to North Carolina!!! It is so beautiful here! I'm in the lakefield area which is very country and ghetto haha. My new companion is sister snow. She's from Arizona and is so kind and sweet. She likes to go running every morning so that's fun haha.

The first day we went over to teach the brown family. They are refugees from Africa. The dad just got baptized and wants to be able to baptize his wife and kids so we're working on him getting the priesthood.

We are meeting with this 14 year old girl named Erin. She wants to be baptized but we don't think she really understands the significance of it. (Remember back in my high school days I took asl and thought I would never use it again?) Well I was able to teach Erins mom in sign language!!! It was the coolest experience.

We go over to meet with this lady named Pam Dawson about twice a week. She is a member but her husband recently died so we go over to talk to her and serve her. We helped her box up some of his things and get rid of it.

Okay the food here is soooo good! No wonder the average missionary gains 30 pounds (that's not happening with me don't worry) we went to this place called cookout and they have the best peanut butter shakes!! I was able to eat a hush puppy and they were surprisingly good.

Alex is another investigator. He's 18 and knows so much about the gospel. We are working with him and expect him to be baptized soon.

On Sunday I was able to meet the people in our ward. The members were super friendly. I really love the bishop and his wife. Never in my life have I seen so many different churches. I'm used to seeing lds churches everywhere I look, but here I see a new church with a different religion.

I hope you have a great week! Love you all!! My new address is 1414 Adams farm pkwy apt e Greensboro, NC 27407


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