February 20, 2018



Week 2 MTC

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to hear from Elderer Curtis who is from the quorum of the seventy. He talked a lot about the book of Mormon and how sometimes it'll take time to know that the book of Mormon is true, and that's okay. He showed us this trailer for some new book of Mormon videos that will be released in September! Valentines day was so good!! I could feel the love the savior has for each of his children so much. I learned that I need to quit having higher expectations than the Lord has for me. Me and my companion are the sister training leaders and one of our responsibilities are showing the new sisters around and giving them a mini devotional. Throughout the mtc there are the murals of stories and one of them was about the brother of Jared. God will help you when he sees that it'll benefit you at the right time. We go to workshops about twice a week and one of the lessons was on how I need to find those whom the Lord has prepared. Saturday was one of my favorite days. In class we do a book of Mormon read and we write down a question that we want answered. We read in alma 17 and I got my answer in the second and third verses! The book of Mormon is true!!! God will answer your questions through the book of Mormon if you diligently seek for them. Sunday's are so different here! I have to conduct relief society so that's fun haha. We talked about Joseph Smith and read the scripture D&C 122:7 "All these things shall be for thy good". God is the light and he is that hope of enduring to the end. Throughout the week I have to remind myself that God will qualify you! He is always there for us and will always make up for things we lack in. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week! Don't forget to read your scriptures! Xoxo sister morgan


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