September 11, 2017


Tibiri, Brazil


Sister Macahdo

Week 62


so last week was the best ever. Why??? Jeanes and Miguel were baptized!!! We had marked this Saturday but they were so prepared we decided that Sunday would be better. They are so amazing. They were baptized Sunday morning at 8 right before 9 o'clock church. It was sooo perfect the
baptism, i even got to play the piano as my companion sang the baptism song. the spirit was so strong. ( the Lord helped me tons because its been like 1 year since I practiced piano but i was able to remember the whole
song!!) and afterwards all the members were complimenting me, haha!

Last week we also worked with Joab. A member brought him to church 2 weeks ago, and yesterday he came to church again!! He is seriously the best, he is 20 and lives alone, He is such a gentleman and is so different from most of the boys here that just like to drink and do dumb stuff. Well we have pretty much taught him everything and yesterday he accepted to be baptized!!! he should be getting baptized this Sunday, I'm so excited!! ( fingers crossed he goes on a mission one day!!)

Well life is great, i love my companion and I'm literally obsessed with my area, I hope its my last are and that i stay here until December. I think I will, the bishop even told me that he's gonna force my president to make me stay here haha. The members are so great and we are seeing that without members helping us, the work is so hard. I have a strong testimony that when members work with missionaries, miracles happen!!!

I have been in Brasil for 14 months now!! more than one year! I remember 1 year ago, I barely spoke Portuguese, I was super homesick and didn't know if I would survive being so long away from my family for so long... but here I
am, 14 months later , loving this place so much, speaking fluent Portuguese and understanding everything, its just like second nature to me!! even yesterday my companion and a investigator asked me to speak english and it
was super hard! 

Last night we taught the restoration for a members brother. The spirit was so strong!! I love when we can feel the spirit testifying to others that what are teaching is true.

Well I love life. I know that the biggest present we have in this life is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without him nothing is possible. Im so thank for his sacrifice. I know without a doubt that He lives and is always here for us.

I want to encourage you all to come closer to our savior this week.

Love you all, amo voces... ate o po. kk

Sister Murphy


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