June 27, 2017


Santa Rita, Brazil


Sister Avalos

Week 51

Hola meus amigos!!

So this past week was a great week, also filled with lots of adventures and witnessing some crazy things.

First of all- this past week was Sao Joao! Its like one of the biggest holidays here Brasil. Friday and Saturday everyone was just dancing in the streets and literally on like every street were big bonfires like 2 yards away from peoples houses! it was pretty funny. Oh also its rain season here
so it rains tons. I saw some other pretty strange things but i will save though stories for when i get home :) haha.

Sooo, yesterday Duda was baptized!! It was so great, he was just so happy after he was baptized and couldn't stop smiling. He's a big example to me in faith. Every Sunday he leaves his house 1 hour before church starts to walk, he is pretty old and has problems with his feet and legs so he has to walk super slow, but he does it anyway because he knows the lord will bless him.

So there is a girl in our ward that is serving in Sao Paulo right now and so last week we stoped by her families house to start teaching them. They all are non members except for her and her little sister. Here brothers name is Robson, we have started teaching him and he is seriously the best. Tonight we are going to have an FHE with them all so it should be super good.

We have being working with the family that we found a few weeks ago. My love for them is so strong, whenever i walk into there house i can just see the potential they have and i know without a doubt one of the reasons i was sent here was to find them. They have lots of questions about the gospel and the book of mormon but fingers crossed that they will becoming to church this week with us! Everyone please keep them in your prayers. The moms name is Cliede and her husbands name is Edivaldo, they have 2 sons, one of them has special needs but is the coolest and the other son usually isn't home but were gonna get him to come to church with us soon.

Last week i was reminded that we are the most happy when we are serving others. Whenever i am feeling down, i just remember i need to forget myself and go to work, and focus on others. First of all we need to love God before anything else and then love our neighbor like ourselves. I have a strong testimony of service, i know the best way to serve and to show our love for God is to serve His children.

I want to remind you all a quote by our prophet, Thomas S. Monson- " we cant direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude."

I love you all, life sure is great when we put the Lord first.

Com amor, Sister murphy


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