November 30, 2016


Manaíra, João Pessoa, Brazil


Sister Almeida

Week 21

Olaa!! Well this has been a very eventful week- i saw a crocodile, i got a
Brazilian haircut, and was praying for my life the whole time, and i cut my
head on a nail when my companion and I were praying. Oh and we had to break into
our house this week because we locked ourselves out. Other than that, our
week has been filled with MILAGRES!!

We have been teaching lots of people this week.

Last Monday me and my companion went and got our nails done and we were
sitting with a group of ladies and me and my companion started talking with
them and we ended up sharing the first vision with them and got a few new
investigators! It was really awesome, and a bonus of being american in
brazil is whenever i start talking the whole room gets quite, and everyone
stops and focuses on me. So its pretty good when I'm teaching lessons!

So last week we met Luciana!! Guys she is perfect, i truly love her so
much. And every lesson we have with her goes great, i can feel so strongly
the love that Christ and Heavenly Father has for her. We are working on
preparing her for baptism. She came to church with us yesterday and the
whole time she was just so focused on everything that was being said and at
the end of church she told us how she loved it so much and it was more than
she expected. Everyone pray for Luciana that she will be baptized soon!

This week we have been working with Rodrigo, he is the dad of a family of
all members. He is the only one that isn't a member and i think a handful of
missionaries have taught him lots. We are not giving up on him and we know
one day he will be baptized! I will keep you updated on him. We love his
family so much and our dream for them( and i know the dream of Heavenly
Father) is that they will be an eternal family one day!

Last Thursday cute little vini was baptized!! He is 8, his family are
already members but we got the chance to teach vini all the lessons so he
could be prepared for his special day. Guys also this baptism was probably
the fanciest i have ever attended. They had a ginourmous cake like the ones
from cake boss and had ladies dressed in white serving us juice, guarana,
and little delicious snacks. The people here in brazil are obsessed with
parties. I already decided I am going to throw a big Brazilian party when i
get home ( minus the alcohol) and you are all invited!

On Friday me and my companion were getting ready to leave to go teach
Yasmin, she is 19 and her mom and brother are both members. Her brother is
also going to be getting home from his mission in 1 week! Before we left me
and my companion were a little worried she wouldn't be home or would be
sleeping and not answer the door but me and my companion knew that we
needed to try. If we want the Lord to help us and give us miracles than we
need to put in the effort.
We showed up to her house and the door was open and Yasmin was sitting
there waiting for us! It was a miracle. We taught her the restoration and
it went so great! She belongs to a different religion right now that
believes in recarnation but i asked her if she has ever prayed and asked
Heavenly Father for her self what is true, She told us no and i told her
that like math,, if we have questions, we need to ask our professor, and
its similar with religion or church. If we have a question about what
church is true or about our lives, we need to ask God. She agreed with us
and agreed to pray about the book of mormon and if the Gospel of Jesus
Christ is true. We are really excited about Yasmin and are really hoping
that when her brother gets home he can baptize her.

We are also working with an 8 year old Yasmin and are prepáring her to be
baptized this Sunday!

The Lord is great, and the gospel is true!

To conclude my email i will share with you guys a part of a talk i read
this morning called The Blessings of Obedience. " When we keep the
commandments, our lives will be happier, more fulfilling, and less
complicated. Our challenges and problems will be easier to bear, and we
will receive Gods promised blessings."

I know this is true. True happiness only comes through obedience to the
commandments of Heavenly Father.

I hope you all have a great week and that your christmas lights and trees
are all put up!

Sister murphy
P.S. I forgot one of the greatest parts! We had 4 less members come to church this Sunday with us and one of them hadn't come to church in almost a year and a half!! It was the best and we all were so happy for them


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