November 22, 2016


Manaíra, João Pessoa, Brazil


Sister Almeida

Week 20

Ola! I have been so excited to email you guys! This week has been amazing.

I want to start my email off with a scripture that I read this morning that
I loved and felt I needed to share with you all.

"Therefore take no thought saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we
drink? or wherewithal shall we be clothed?

For your Heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of all these things.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these
things shall be added unto you. " 3 Nephi 13:31-33

No matter how hard life gets, Heavenly Father promises us that if we put
Him first, everything will work out, it may not be in our time or exactly
in our way, but if we put God first, trust in Him, we don't need to worry.
He will take care of you. He knows everything that you are in need of.

So this week was AMAZING! Elder Renlund!! Wow guys, it was probably one of
the best experiences I have ever had!

So Tuesday we got to hear Elder Renlund, he came and talked specifically to
the missionaries in our mission. When he arrived the spirit was SO strong.
When he first arrived we all took a huge group picture with him and then
after all the missionaries stood in a line and we all got to shake his hand
and he asked each and everyone of us where we are from. When it was my turn
I just remember grabbing his hand and when I looked in his eyes i felt like
i was looking into eternity! I felt a very powerful feeling and there is no
question in my mind that he is an apostle of God!

He talked to us and talked alot about specifically our mission. He said a
lot of great things, he told us He was sent to our mission by God to thank
us for our work, dedication and service. He also told us that each and
everyone of us serving in Joao Pessoa was called here by revelation and by
prophecy of God and everyone missionary in the world has the right to know
that they are called SPECIFICALLY to their mission, by God.

He shared with us an experience of when he was assigning missionaries. He
came across a girl and had a strong impression that she needed to go to
Europe, so he assigned her to Scotland. He said afterwards when he started
assigning other missionaries he started to feel really sick, he went back
to this sister missionary and had the impression that she needed to go to
Italy, so he assigned her to the Milan Italy mission. Afterwards he
continued assigning missionaries and he got a really sick feeling again, He
went back to this girl and had the impression that she needed to go to the
Rome Italy mission. So he changed her call and assigned this sister to the
rome Italy mission. A few weeks later Elder Renlund met this girls
grandfather. The grandfather didn't know that it was Elder Renlund that
assigned his granddaughters call but he told Elder Renlund that when she
opened her mission call she just burst into tears. When this sister was
just 9 years old she went to drop her older brother off at the MTC and she
saw a map and reached up and pointed her finger at Rome Italy, and said "
this is where i will serve my mission!" Elder Renlund told us that Heavenly
Father had been inspiring and preparing even this little girl for her

When i heard this story I was thinking of my experience when i got my
mission call. I know for a fact missionaries are assigned by God. I couldn't
help but think what an apostle of God thought when he was assigning my call
to come to brazil. I know I was called here for a reason and that it was no
coincidence I felt before I got my call to start learning Portuguese! Im so
blessed to be here and to be serving the people of Joao Pessoa.

This week we have had lots a miracles but i have no time left to tell you
about them! But we had another baptism last night! It was a miracle, her
name is maria eduarda and she is 11 years old! It was a special night for

My Portuguese is improving and i find myself wanting to speak Portuguese
when I am emailing! So i guess this is a good problem.

I love my mission and am so happy to be serving here in brazil! I hope you
all have a great week and don't forget to pray and read your scriptures

Love, Sister Murphy


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