August 14, 2017


Pearl City (Sister Makihele)


Mafileiola Makihele

Beach Baptism and (Sun)Burns

hello everyone! this week was such a great week. I got to go to my first baptism- AT THE BEACH!! the mission rules are that we aren't even allowed on the sand, so Sister Makihele and I stood back in the grass. but it was so nice to be so close! we both spoke at his baptism and it was super fun. His name is Maea (aka Maya.) he wasn't an investigator, just a normal member family. but it was such a blessing to get to speak at his baptism on the holy ghost! I'll send lots of pics of the beach haha.
this week wasn't very eventful. lots of missionary work though :) and a few sunburns... one thing that's funny is that I am driving. anyone who knows me knows that I actually DESPISE driving, but my companion doesn't have a license because she's too scared to take the test haha... we drive a 2016 toyota corolla so it's a small car and we haven't crashed yet- but stay tuned. You never know with sister hoffman at the wheel haha.
I'm sorry this email is so short- I don't have much time. Just know that I love you all! enjoy some of the pretty pics of Hawaii. I know that God loves all of you and that He is mindful of you. next week's email will be better I promise. aloha!
sister hoffman


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