October 1, 2018


Honoka'a (Sister Tychingco)


Jomelene Tychingco

Coqui Frogs are Microwaveable

alooooooha from the Big Island of Hawai'i'! 🤙🏼

I might be stating the obvious here.. but big island is SO BIG! I had a little bit of culture shock. So many big open fields with cows and horses grazing on it.

I am in a little town of Honoka'a & I love it here. The green hills as far as you can see remind me of driving through farmlands going through Utah. The big pine tree forests remind me of my grandparents' house in Seattle. Main street in Honoka'a consists of old buildings that look exactly like the ones on Main street in Disneyland. What a great place to be! Honoka'a already has my heart.

Most of the population here is local- Hawaiian and Filipino. My arrival here increased the blonde population to roughly 7 people, the other 6 belonging to the Walker family who are in our ward.

Speaking of blonde.. my companion is convinced my hair is made of gold and keeps asking if she can cut it off and sell it. LOL.

Unique to the Big Island is the infamous coqui frogs (pronounced Kokie.) About 20 years ago they were accidentally brought over here from Puerto Rico. They spread like crazy and now they can't get rid of them. I've yet to see one, but you can't miss their noise. Every day starting at about 5pm they start chirping. It sounds a bit like bird chirping. It's actually very relaxing - I'm not sure how I'm going to fall asleep without them once I'm home. Look them up on YouTube or something - their chirping is so calming.

This week a man told me that coqui frogs are microwaveable. I don't know how he knows that & I didn't want to ask... LOL only in Hawai'i.

Something really interesting about Honoka'a is that everyone is related in some way or another. The "Loo" family is HUGE here. Like half of our ward has that last name. Which is both confusing and convenient. Also kind of ironic because my nickname at home is "Lu."

I love you all! I love my mission! I love Hawai'i!

1. A baptism we had on Saturday for Kaimani & Jaely. Such good kids!
2-5. What I see every day. Paradise!
6. A replica of what the ancient Hawaiians would use to carry their water. It's made out of gourd. They peel the skin into a pattern, dip it in dye, then peel off the rest. Every pattern is specific to a family & their ancestry. I love Hawaiian culture.
7. My new companion, Sister Tychingco and I on a hike today, she's originally from the Philillines, but her family has been in Utah for 3 years.


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