September 10, 2018


Kailua (Sister Lee)


Lorna Lee

This Week I "Pea'd" My Pants

All of us have talents. Some are good at cooking (not me.) Some are good at sports (also not me.) Some are good at embarrassing themselves (ME!!!)

This week we were eating dinner with a family in our ward. She made a delicious chicken & pea soup. When were done eating, our conversation went a little like this:
Me: is it ok if we share a spiritual message with your family?
Brother Butler (head of household): of course!
Me: ok great- so it's actually an object lesson
Me: *gets distracted by the fact that a pea from my soup fell on my lap*
Me: oh, oops! there's a pea on my pants!
Me: *realizes what I just said & what it sounded like* *tries to reword that phrase* Oh wait I mean..
Brother Butler (in the middle of my sentence): ... is that the object lesson.... ?
Me: Oh, no. I didn't pee my pants... I'm not even wearing pants... I'm wearing a dress... There was a pea ON my dress... *holds up pea*
*all of us start dying of laughter*
Brother Butler: Way to invite the Spirit, Sister Hoffman.
Anytime Brother Butler, anytime.

Long story short, don't pea your pants.

Here's another entertaining story from this week:

First, I'll set the scene... I was on exchanges with a sister named Sister Hilton (some of you may remember her from my days in a trio with her and Sister Jensen). We were in Waianae & Makaha, which is on the total opposite side of the island I'm usually on. It's the dry side of the island. Kinda looks like California. I guess I can compare it to going from being from Flagstaff and then going to Lake Havasu- pretty big difference (for all you non-Arizonians, you'll just have to trust me on this one). It's 103 degrees outside, the houses are kinda ghetto, the people are super local & I'm loving life.

As missionaries, we are blessed & have different families from our congregations feed us dinner. (Usually they're a little less embarrassing than my experience with the Butler family.) Anyways, that night the family who signed up to feed us dinner wasn't able to have us in their home, so they asked us to meet them at a local grocery store because they were going to buy us groceries instead.

We were sitting in our car waiting for the member to come outside, when a car pulls into the stall in front of us. So our cars are facing each other. The driver, an auntie maybe in her mid 50's, is staring at me. And she doesn't look happy to see me. I assume it's because I'm blonde (yes a real struggle I've had on my mission) so I do my best to ignore her. Sister Hilton and I are both uncomfortable. Then angry auntie gets out of her car and stands by the driver door. She's starts impatiently tapping on the roof of her car with her fingers (you know, the kind of finger tapping your mom does on the kitchen counter when you're late for school but you still have to brush your teeth.)

I ask Sister Hilton if I should get out and ask her if she needs help (which normally would be the right thing to do) but in this case we were worried she might hurt us or something so we stayed in the car... Angry Auntie then comes to Sister Hilton's window and we both brace ourselves for what's about to happen as she rolls the window down. I lean over the middle console to make eye contact and whip out my best but rusty cheerleader voice and say "Hi Auntie!!!" trying my best to hide my fear.
"Do I know you...?" She says
"Um, I'm not sure.. where are you from?"
"I don't think so.. I'm normally in Kailua.."
"Oh, ok. Well you just look SO familiar. You have a beautiful smile. I saw it from inside my car and I just felt drawn to it. It's stunning." Oh my!!! So nice!!!
We talked a little more and found out she lives in the same apt complex that the sisters do and she had probably seen me that morning as we left. All was well and she ended up being a really nice lady. So thank you to my parents & Dr. Lacaze who made this smile happen. It took years and multiple sets of braces to get it where it is today.

There are 2 important lessons I learned from this experience:

1. We should not judge a book by its cover & we should not assume things about people (like I assumed she was mad at me)

And 2. We are always being given the opportunity to represent Christ, sometimes without even using words. I hope as she continues to meet with the sisters she'll come to realize the reason I smile so often is because the gospel makes me so
H A P P Y :)

I hope you all have a great week! I'm sending my love & warmest aloha your way!

The view from their apartment was stunning!
And someone gave us a watermelon :)


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