July 30, 2018


Kailua (Sister Lee)


Lorna Lee

ola maluhia

Ola maluhia is "live peace" in Hawaiian. The scriptural theme for the youth this year is Doctrine & Covenants 19:23 "Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me."
There is a song called "Peace in Christ" and one of the last verses says "when there is no peace on earth, there is peace in Christ."
At one point or another, we all seem to have chaos in our life. Whether it be with work, school, kids, anything. Sometimes our plates seem too full & we feel as if we've bitten off more than we can chew. Despite our circumstances, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS peace in Christ.
365 days ago I got on a plane in Salt Lake City to go to Hawaii. 365 days ago I asked myself what in the world I got myself into. 365 days ago, and every day since, I have relied heavily upon the peace my Savior offers me- and every one. I know He loves us and constantly has His arms of mercy extended towards us.
Let me tell you about some M I R A C L E S that I was able to witness this week.
1. *I already posted this on Facebook, so if you've read this already bear with me. Or read it again because the story is worth another read*
"... we walk by faith rather than by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7
Kent has been blind his entire life. Some of his major life events include becoming an astrophysicist and working for NASA in the development of the Hubble telescope. On Saturday he added to that list and was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
A few months ago, my previous companion Sister Downs and I invited a member of our ward to pray about someone in her life who would benefit from reading the Book of Mormon. Soon, Kent came to her mind. We ordered the Book of Mormon in Braille for him and went with her to teach him about it. Kent loved the Book of Mormon and agreed to be baptized. We introduced him to the elders who actually serve in his area and he has been taught by then ever since.
We can all learn from Kent's example and let faith in our Savior guide our way. Sometimes the future can be uncertain, but with Christ as our guide we can be confident we're on the right course.
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2. Mark
On Saturday evening Sister Lee and I were eating dinner at a restaurant. I was looking down at our phone texting someone to confirm an appointment for the next day. All of the sudden I got a distinct impression:
"Look up. There is someone deaf in the room. Sign with them."
I looked up and immediately knew who it was- the man paying a the register.
I got his attention and started to sign with him. I introduced myself as a missionary and explained that missionaries teach people about Jesus Christ. He wasn't too interested in that & promptly changed the subject. We signed for maybe 15 minutes and I again asked him if we could teach him about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. This time he said yes! He gave us his address and phone number and we set up an appointment for Wednesday. The coolest part of it all was that he rode his bike to the restaurant. After I gave him a Book of Mormon I remembered he rode his bike & I thought it would be difficult for him to ride home and carry a book. I offered to take it back and promised to bring one on Wednesday, but he didn't want to give it back! He was so excited to have a copy of his own :)
Mark truly is an answer to my prayers. I love sign language. I love the gospel. When I was waiting to get my mission call, I prayed and prayed I would be able to serve an ASL mission. When my call said Hawaii, I was excited but also bummed to be English speaking. Ever since then, I have often found myself praying that I would be able to teach a Deaf person. After a whole year, I finally found someone! Although I am pretty rusty with sign language & definitely don't sign with the fluency of a Deaf person, I am so excited. Mark is a miracle.
As always, I wish you all a great week! Don't forget to be happy.

with love & aloha,
sister hoffman

1. Sister Lee & I unintentionally matched and we were both too lazy to change lol
2. Exchanges with Sister Paletasala- she is from Western Samoa and is a rockstar missionary! I learned a lot from her.
3. Kent's baptism!!
4. Nothing unusual to see at a Hawaiian potluck for a missionary farewell
5. Pretty scenery
6. Being a missionary makes me happy!


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